Sunday, December 21, 2008

14 weeks pregnant!

Sunday December 21st

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know officially tomorrow is 14 weeks but after being gone from the Victoria office for a week I somehow doubt I will have a chance to post tomorrow. Well we were dumped on last night. Adam woke me up at 6:30am to let me know the car is stuck in the lane on his way to drivet to work. No taxis or busses were running do at 8:30 a tech came and got him. It is madness on the road. Thank god we got groceries yesterday even though we had to wait in line for 45 min with everyone else preparing for the storm. Victoria is not known for it quick snow removal (those 2 plows work hard though!) I finally took a picture of my belly for our dear readers. Well I'm off to go shovel snow.

I have been asked by several people how to see the picture and how to leave comments.

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Well 1hr 1/2 later the driveway has been shovelled only to be recovered by the snow. Apparently it is to continue snowing until Christmas. Check out the snow man!

Killer Snowman

Killer Driveway

Oh here is the 12 week 4 day Ultrasound. It is really difficult to tell what the heck is going on in it but the head starts in the upper right quadrant.


Monday December 22nd,

Well yesterday we smashed the old record of 15cm with 32cm of snow fall yesterday on top of what we already had. Remind me that shoveling snow is pointless.

Wednesday December 24th

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!

We look forward to spending next Christmas with you and Junebug.

Friday December 26th,
Adam and I did the early morning boxing day madness in order to get a great new computer. Next stop Walmart for a digital camera.

Sunday December 27th,
I have given into the full panel and I like it. For those of you not familiar with the full panel it is the large stretchy fabric on maternity pants that goes all the way up over the belly as per below:
(Mischa's note- photo moved to week 15 post since it is one day short of wee 15 and not belly photo avail due to camera malfunction)
Cool no, comfterble yes.
Proper 15 week belly shot is to come tomorrow when we get our new camera.

On a sadder note Lily has taken up smoking. Cigars are expensive!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

13 weeks pregnant!

Sorry guys i didn't know I would be in montreal this week. I will write when I am back.

Here is my crossing Canada via photos.

The trip was busy with 9-10 hour days working so I wasn't able to explore much more than room service so the photos are from my flight out to Montreal. On my way there my flight was delayed an hour as the plane needed a "jump start". On the way home my flight was delayed by just over 2 hours due to a winter storm. I missed my connector and was put standby on the last flight home. Exhausted and weepy they found a spot home for me and I arrived home after travelling for 13 hours. I am so happy to be home

Pacific Crossing

Vancouver touch-down

Rise and shine Vancouver

Alberta rockies

Saskatchewan prairies

Manitoba fades into Ontario

Sun sets into Quebec

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 weeks pregnant!

Time to update again...

Thursday December 4th,
Planned my first event and it was great! For our staff party we had a bus take us up island to Chemainus for a really nice dinner and then a play.

Friday December 5th
Learned the only thing that can bring back morning sickness after it goes away is Tom Hanks, 6 stories tall, in Polar Express at the imax theater.

Saturday December 6th,
Lily got her pictures with Santa-she looks terrified. Adam and I went for a hike and a drive up to Sidney.

Sunday December 7th,
Lily and Adam went to the beach while I went for a spa day with the girls and got my hair cut and coloured. Adam seemed glad to have the alone time, Star Trek is very important.

Monday December 8th,
work work work. Adam refuses to go to the doctor despite his hand has turned into a large angry rash. Oh yeah 12 WEEKS PREGNANT!

Tuesday December 9th,
Did you know that there is delux Kraft Dinner. for 4 times the price you can have a different version of processed cheese....but oh so good

Wednesday December 10th,
Apparently I am going to Montreal for a week on Monday to help out with work....ooops I guess Adam will have to field all of the calls when all of the relatives open their cards on the 15th.

Thursday December 11th
Scary day. I had to rebook my my midwife appointment to today or else my next appointment would be at the end of December. When I went the midwife was concerned she couldn't hear a heartbeat with the doppler. She immediately arranged for an ultrasound today at a colleague of hers clinic. The next 3hours were awful. Adam was out of town with work and thankfully Kristin could drive me. Well Junebug is ok. The baby was wiggling around,waving and hiccuped. The platenta is in front of the baby right now and my uterus is still tipped so it makes it difficult to hear the baby apparently.
We are very thankful today.

12 weeks pregnant! Adam’s version

Time to update again...

Friday December 5th
I've learned IMAX 3D makes Mischa sick. There goes my Dark Knight night down the tubes.

Saturday December 6th
Santa did not look like the Santa I imagined. He was covered in dog drool.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

11 weeks pregnant!

Wednesday December 3,

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…. It has been a week since I last wrote but life has been a bit crazy so here is the Coles notes version:

Nov 27 nothing to report

Nov 28 Major melt down on my part resulting in the total fear of pregnancy.

Nov 29 Adam takes me shopping to every maternity store/consignment to find a jacket as mine won’t do up anymore. Apparently they sell out in September- I have settled for an enormous sweater. Ended up buying more well needed clothes for Adam than myself.

Nov 30 Went for lunch with Aunt, Uncle and family. Attempts to not mention pregnancy resulted in an awkward lunch.

Dec 1 First of the month was insane at work with ½ the staff

Dec 2 Continuation of yesterday except it ended with cranberry goat cheese, the loudest, longest burp in history and a bath. (not all at the same time)

That brings us to today. I have been pregnant for 80 days according to google. That means 200 more to go … does that sound right?

Anyways general concerns:

My enormous belly – what the hell I am not supposed to start showing for weeks. I have only gained 2 lbs but my stomach looks like I am 20weeks along!

The amount of time between appointments- It will be 5 weeks by the time I see the midwife again on the 17th. What have we done to screw up the baby in the 5 weeks?

Housing Situation- Where the hell will we live once the baby is born. I don’t want to live in a rental. I want a nursery, a yard, a stove. I need to spend my days there for 1-2years straight. I do not want to be in a rental.

Lily- Will she ever be 100% housebroken!!!!!!

Christmas Party- Will the goods stay in the package (ie low cut dress) Thank god I can’t drink.

Neurosis aside tomorrow is my Christmas Party. I organized a trip to Chemainus for dinner and then theatre which means minimal drinking & bitching amongst the coworkers I hope.

Well more to come on Friday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 weeks pregnant!

Monday November 25th

I am excited to make it to double digits today.

TMI-I am home today with severe constipation. I would definitely recommend intervention before it gets to this point. I fell off the toilet last night I was in so much pain- Lol. I got a call from my big boss letting me know my manager has been laid off so that I wasn't shocked when I got to work tomorrow. She wants me to see her tomorrow. She must of sensed I was freaked because she told me not to worry it was good news. Lets hope a raise!

I am a little jealous of those finding out the sex of the baby. I went to a huge childrens swap and there was a ton of super cute gender specific clothes but very little gender neutral. I bought maternity pants instead.

Tuesday November 26th,

I am back to work and got a raise- woo hoo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

9 Weeks Pregnant!

Monday November 17th,

Junebug is officially the size of Adams favorite food- AN OLIVE.

We are officially suiting up to be parents.
This weekend we got ourselves a reliable automobile! It is a 2006 Optra Wagon and it rocks….in a mommy mobile kinda way. Our old one was a death trap Protégé and will probably be scrapped. It was so exciting to drive up a hill without the fear of stalling. Lol. There is lots of room in the back for stroller etc. This is the newest car we’ve ever owned so this is pretty exciting for us.
Today is 9 weeks. Once I hit double digits I think I will start feeling safe. This weekend we bought all of the stuff from Michael's to make our pregnancy announcements for Christmas to let our family & friends know. I occasionally have delusions of craftiness. We’ll see how it works out.

This weekend the morning sickness seemed constant. I have found something that makes me happy- california rolls: the other sushi. Real sushi is a big no-no during pregnancy because of the raw fish but thankfully North Americans who couldn't handle the thought of uncooked fish invented cooked sushi- Hooray for California Rolls!!!!!!
Well I am off to eat another roll.

Wednesday November 19th,

We apparently the most important thing to me right now is food because if you look at the last 10 posts I would say 80% references food somehow. Last night I had oh so delicious Glico Curry. Yum Yum Japanese Curry (the equivilant of japanese hamburger helper). I am noticing a pattern, my next craving is this triangle rice ball with cooked tuna and mayonais wrapped in seaweed that I used to get at the convenience stores in Japan.

I'm turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so
Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

Signing off,

PS the triangle rice thing is called Onigiri.

Friday November 21st

Apparently I should leave Japanese cooking to the experts. Tuna fish sandwiches are good.

Sunday November 23rd

Family pics

Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Weeks Pregnant!

Monday November 10th

Gone swimming- more to come.

Tuesday November, 11th

Today we are going to just "look" at a new car. Our car is scary bad right now- the middle console heats up burning hot when we drive and the car smells like burning metal on metal. I think we are just going to need to find the money somewere to get a newer used vehicle. I don't even want to be in the car now and often get a ride with co-workers instead of breathing in the fumes. I would never take the baby in that car. We have decided to compromise. I wanted a mini van and Adam wants a car. Wagon it is! Not sexy but practical. The car we are going to look at today is a 2006 27K wagon for 12999. It still has 1 year factory waranty and 3years powertrain left - fully loaded. I don't want to get our hopes up as i would rather have a home than a car but it is nice to look. Here is our baby mobile

Wednesday November 12

We went yesterday to have a quick look at the car. It was awesome. I am hoping we can bring down the price a bit but I am not skilled in the art of negotiation. We will be back on Saturday to take a look if it is still there.

I have had a head cold for the last few days and have been slightly miserable due to lack of medicine. Adam and I are going swimming again today. We are going to aim for 3 times a week, starting with a little light weight lifting (to make my arms strong for carrying the baby) and then jumping into the pool. I have done something to my foot so walking is not so good right now but when I swim there is no pressure on it and I feel great!

Today I started to stress a little about needing to know how to drive before the baby comes. I just hit me. I will start studying again this weekend as I need to re-do the learners test in BC but my Alberta time should apply. I have only been out driving twice since I got my learners in July/07 as Adam’s car is not drivable to learn on. I figure if I get my BC learners soon and we get a new car I can start practicing and get my novice licence in Spring before my belly is too big.

Thursday November 13

I am home today sick with a cold. The cold wouldn't be so bad if I had been able to sleep after 1am but no such luck. I am seeing my midwife today so maybe she will have some advice.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

7 weeks Pregnant!

Tuesday November 4th,

Junebug is now a blueberry/raspberry, hmmmm delicious raspberries.

Wednesday November 5th,

Yesterday I was sooo sick. Mash potatoes were about all I could think of eating and I really wanted hot cross buns I mean really wanted them. Apparently they are out of season as they are baked only during Easter. Bastards.

Last night Adam and I watched the American election all night. I started crying when Barack Obama was announced as the president elect I was so moved. A commentary was made that really stuck with me that this election was historical not just for African Americans and visible minorities but also for all of the white people through out the history of America who did the right thing going against their communities and culture to see this day. The commentator then read from Martin Luther King's last speach. I am getting choked up again. I am so happy our baby will be born during this term. I realize everything will not change in 4 years but maybe the ground work can be laid. I must say McCain's consession speach was really good and I felt a little sorry for him. It sounds silly but I am super concerned about Obama's safety. I keep thinking he is now some idiot's target.
It was amazing to see the hundreds of thousands of people in Chicago for Obama, I wonder if our friend Michael was there. There were so, so many young faces in the crowd. I wish Canada would be moved in the same way. What an amazing night.

Friday November 7th,

Hearing the heartbeat

Today we went to for the last time to the current doctor's office to have an ultrasound done. It was the first time that I've seen, and heard, our Junebug's heartbeat.

Lot's of reasons and things have told me that Mischa is having our baby, but for myself, seeing the heart blip was more emotionally sealing than anything before. The screen showed the entire contents of the embrionic sac, and the doctor explained what we were seeing. The most unmistakeable thing though, was the rythmic timing of a heart beating, visible by way of flashes of light, followed by the most intense thumping I think I have ever heard. Beautiful.

The doctor said everything is going great.

Well be just got back from the doctor. Only one little bug in there. The heart beat was very loud and strong the doctor said. I didn't think we would hear the heart beat but we did! I ask how many BPM but the Dr. said he didn't count. Adam thought it was so cool and now I think it has sunk in that we are having a baby. This is the furthest I have ever made it. The measurement of the baby put us back to our original EDD of June 23/08, (today is 7w4d). My RE has signed off and I am now going to see our midwife for our first appointment on Nov 13. I am looking forward to my hour long appointments with my midwife. I liked my RE but his time was highly in demand and I felt like I was being a pain if I took to long. I am really glad Adam went to the ultrasound with me, he is even now talking about being there when the baby is born!


Saturday November 8th,

Today Adam and I went to a used baby clothes swap. Lots of pretty girl stuff but not too many unisex stuff.
We got home to Lily outr whiny baby and that is when things started getting weird. I wonder how she will be when the baby comes...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 weeks pregnant!

Sunday October 26th,

I have decided I am going to attempt to remain calm and rational until the beta comes back on Tuesday. I am pretty superstitious and yesterday before I got the call from the Dr I bought some maternity wear so I felt like I was jinxing it.

BTW at Old Navy right now (at least in Canada) all of their summer maternity capris which are regular $30 are 2 or 3$ on sale.-CRAZY! I bought 3 pairs because I will need them next spring and don't want to pay full price. Even if I end up a different size, for the 8$ I spent I can give them away and make some pregnant lady happy! Pregnant but still thrifty.

Monday October 27th,

I'm so glad we are in good standings with our local library, as our house is full of baby books! I have at least three to read, and am so happy that I am with a girl like Mischa, as she keeps me informed and learning.

I went and had blood taken for 3rd Beta. Results tomorrow hopefully. Keep fingers crossed. Here is an interesting link regarding hCG:


Tuesday October 28, 6 weeks preggo!

Woo hoo! my Beta is in 19456! average 45.25hr doubling time

Average hCG Beta at 26DPO is 6983 for singleton, 11512 for twins
Average doubling time is 47.86 hrs for singleton, 44.75 hrs for twins

Looks like one baby! (but it's still fun to tease Adam about the twins)

Wednesday October 29th

Nothing to Report. Very tired.

Thursday October 30th

I would like to state for all of those doubting Thomas' out there that Adam has been amazing since we found out we were pregnant. Despite his stubborn refusal to read any baby books (Is he illiterate?)he keeps the house tidy and cooks dinner for us. Once he learns how to become a masseuse he will be officially perfect.

As for myself I know I am not the skinniest girl but my stomach looks like I am 20weeks pregnant due to bloating but I havn't gained a pound- not cool, not cool at all.

I want to be a house husband. The whole doing laundry, having dinner ready within a timeframe, and cleaning up is gratifying. Mischa does seem happier if I have food for her as SOON as she gets home, which I can understand. Unless of course it's something that does not agree with her smell senses that day!

Friday October 31st -- HALLOWEEN

I have officially discovered the most comfortable Halloween costume for a bloated sick pregnant woman: anything that requires you to wear scrubs. This year I have decided to be an RCA because cleaning old man bums is very scary to me. I love my scrubs in fact I think my next career change will involve a career that requires them.

Monday November 3rd

This weekend was a toughie. Saturday Adam worked and I was at home sick and unhappy. Sunday I had to work for the day entering rent cheques and came home miserable. Nothing seems appealing to eat, I want a HOT bath, and my legs are constantly irritable. I think Adam is fed up with me and wants me to snap out of it. When Adam is pregnant he is welcome to snap out of it whenever he feels like it. Adam is taking me to Wal-mart today to go buy a bathing suit so that we can go swimming every day. It is the closest I will get to having a long bath which I long for. Tonight we will watch SNL’s final election special (the US election is tomorrow). We're excited for the ultrasound on Friday- 4 more sleeps!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 Weeks Pregnant!

Sunday October 19th,

I am looking forward to the ultrasound tomorrow although I am not sure if they will be able to see anything yet. I am feeling a bit down today and a little overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I will be excited when I am dealing only with my midwife not 3 different doctors. This won't happen until December when I am out of the woods.

Monday October 20th,

7:30am I have been up since 6am and I am soooooo hungry/nauseous and I can't eat or drink until 10:30am due to the ultra sound. Last night I had cramps all night and could barely sleep. I checked to see if I was spotting but everything looks ok. I took another HPT and it was immediately dark which was releiving.

2:50pm TMI WARNING!!!
My experience today at the ultrasound was awful. For the first one (abdominal) I was so hungry I almost threw up. My second one (pelvic)I had to pee so badly while waiting I started crying. Both technicians were impossible to understand due to thick accents and they both repeated each sentence twice like Jacob two-two. The pelvic guy was Russian and a total jerk. When he started he said he found no sign of pregnancy! I said highly unlikely so he did a T.V. ultrasound and said "oh you have a tilted uterus I can see now." No shit, if he had of read the rec sheet he would of known that instead of making me think the I wasn't pregnant for 5 minutes. He would not let me look at the screen, he would not let me have a picture- not very confidence building. While holding my knees to my ears he asked if I was comfterable. Jokingly I said "As much as I can be under the circumstances." He the replied " Well you know it is not like we enjoy doing this" Fuck you, do your job. I was shaking I was so mad. When I got home I started telling Diane but she already knew who I was talking about because she had a similar bad experience with that tech.
I have rescheduled my dr's appointment until Thursday when the ultrasound will be back.
What a rotten day- I am going to go have a spoon of icing.

Tuesday October 21

Adam and I are telling the bosses today. oy.

So I decided today to tell my boss about our pregnancy, and it went well. It's pretty important that he knows about this, as who knows what time I'll have to ask off! Good relations are always important at work. I think he felt special, as I sworn him to secrecy from my peers, as I will tell them in due time. Nik could not wipe the smile off his face! Even though he has told me multiple times that kids are no good.
Mischa also told her work, so we are all good for taking time off.
I'm excited!

Wednesday October 22

Feeling good today, no cramps so far. I woke up at 1, 2, 5am but I don't feel tired.

Thursday October 23rd

4:02 pm

Well I went to the Doctor today and I guess when I confirmed that my ultrasound result had arrived I assumed since both were done at the same time that they would arrive at the same time. Nope. The abdominal ultrasound arrived but no pelvic ultrasound.

Oh well. I found out what my first beta result is 14DPO @ 4pm 194, my 2nd was 16DPO @ 10am 500 which means my doubling time was 30.75 hrs.

Average hCG Beta at 14DPO is 100 for singleton, 201 for twins
Average hCG Beta at 16DPO is 197 for singleton, 393 for twins

Average doubling time is 38.43 hrs for singleton, 38.83 hrs for twins

Other than that nothing relevant.

Friday October 24th,

Saturday October 25th,

I am feeling awful. The doctor called to say they finally found the ultrasound done on Monday. He is concerned that the gestational sac was measuring only 4mm at 19DPO. I am having another beta done on Monday to make sure my hCG is increasing still. I feel like I am being punished for getting my hopes up again. I know it is silly to think this way but after a while you start getting supersticious. I feel hopeless until I find out the next beta which should be at least 16000. I won't find out until Tuesday at the earliest.

The first week (4weeks pregnant) Oct 12-18

This is what happened the first week:

Oct 12

I managed to keep myself from testing this morning but last night I felt pre-cramps before bed and am not overly confident in this cycle.


oct 13
6:30am holy crap 12DPO! It is now 6:30am in Victoria, BC and I have just spent the last 1/2 hour analizing my second line. Adam sees it so I am not insane but it is very faint. The line is as wide as the first line but very light pink. Adam is taking the day off work and is coming back with food which is good because I may just eat my puppy right now I am so hungry. Wow what a morning.

I just did another test (to make sure the first wasn't an evaporation line.) and it came out again with the faint line. Thank goodness for cheap internet strips as I will be testing quite a bit I think.

Honestly no real symptoms that couldn't be attributed to regular life. At 8dpo my BBT/basal temps dipped looking like and implantation dip. My temps bounced back the next day and are slowly, very slowly getting higher. I was a super hungry pit this morning but I was last month too and BFN. My bb's arn't any bigger although I prick in one this morning and a headache on one side of my temple.

I tested again 2hours later with 2nd morning pee and got a faint line again. My RE office is closed for the holiday today so I will call tomorrow. My biggest fear is the "evaperation line". (They can be mistaken for a positive) I am not sure what it should look like in case that is what I am seeing. I did use the same ones last month and no evap line then just a blank empty space.


Oct 14
I tested again this morning and still light pink. It doesn’t appear to be very much if at all darker. I am concerned that my hCG levels aren’t rising. I left a message with the Dr’s office to call me today but I will be surprised if I get a call back as I am sure it will be crazy there after the holidays. This month was a natural cycle as we were going to start treatments the cycle after HSG so there has been no monitoring except an ultrasound at cd6 which showed 22cysts on one ovary resulting in the PCOS diagnosis. I have had 2x m/c and I am wondering if it is too late to start progesterone to maintain early pregnancy. I am feeling a little panicky today thinking every little thing might be an AF cramp. On the positive side I woke up with sore dense bb’s and a wee bit queasy today. The weird pseudo-headache continues on and off.
So weird to think of that as a good thing.
I will admit it only to you - I am a poasaholic. (poas= pee on a stick)
I bought a First Response as I have been using internet strips from and I had heard a lot of them get evaporation line. We the beautiful perfect line was the same colour as the control - not the ambiguous faint pink. If you are not sure about your internet cheapies I would definitely recommend splurging for one fancy test. Adam and I voted today. I was sad to see the conservatives elected again but I am not suprised. I was hoping to see a more family friendly party elected. I bought Adam a baby book for fathers at his request. Adam is really sick and has been too out of it to really be a part of bfp excitement which has kinda got me down.


oct 15
AFM- Not sure if preg related but I have been extremly clumsy the last 2 days. I shrugged it off as multiple coincidences but this morning I dropped my whole new jug of milk and picked up my curling iron by the hot part resulting in a wicked burn on my hand, I am unble to speak, and I am constanly tripping.

Oct 16
I am cautiously hopping on the baby train. I went to the Dr. yesterday and had 7 vials drawn for every screening under the sun. I swear to god if they had taken that much blood at Red Cross at least I would of gotten a cookie and a glass of OJ.
The doctor said I would only receive a call if there was an issue as he believes we should assume the best. Normally I would balk at this but for myself I know I would be analyzing every result worrying myself into a frenzy. As my RE he will be following me until the end of the first trimester at which point the baton will be handed to my midwife. Oh yeah WooHOO! I got my midwife. If you wern’t aware it is very, very difficult to get a midwife. I caled in 3 days after the first positive and they were already over booked. They had a big meeting to decide who they were going to take and the next day I got the call. This is exciting for the following reasons:

1. I get to have a home birth.
2. The MW -midwife is the president of the BC association so established
3. There are 3 MWs in the group so that one does appointments 2 do the birthing that week.
4. The office is close to my work
5. The MW’s have been practicing since 1979 so oldies but goodies

My EDD is June 23rd which means if I keep my legs crossed I’ll still be able to go to Sasquatch Music Festival in May if I buy the best travel insurance every. It is only less than 1.5 hr to Cranbrook. We’ll see.

So far symptoms are: big, colourful breasts, change in sleep (4am internal alarm clock), general clumsiness and stupidity, and worst of all the other big C- if you need to ask you just don’t understand.
oct 17
I woke up this morning my right bottom rib severely hurting towards the middle. I thought I pulled a muscle and went to the walk-in clinic Dr to see what kind of medicine if any I can take. He started pushing and it hurt so much I couldn’t help but start crying. The clinic doctor then called my RE and they agreed it is likely my gallbladder. Now I have been eating very well with little fat and high fiber so I was a little confused about it being my gallbladder until I found out 12% of pregnant women have gallbladder problems due to the surge in estrogen which slows everything down. I have just had bloodwork (again) and I have a pelvis and abdomen ultrasound are booked for Monday Oct 20th. My RE says it is highly unlikely etopic pregnancy because it would be too early for this kind of reaction. I feel a little crampish (no pain though) and am terrified of another m/c. I dreamt last night I was spotting.
oct 18

After the whole gallbladder attack yesterday and the m/c dream I have been a little on edge. When I got home from buying new accomadating bras (the uglier the more comfterable)I saw I had a message from the walk-in clinic I went to yesterday. I started panicking a bit because of the blood work for liver/gallbladder and the girl said to call back as soon as posible. Well it was just the doctor on today calling to say I am pregnant (no kidding). I asked him what the beta was (16DPO) and he said 500. Now I am not sure how good this is because I don't know what my first beta is to compare to but....500 is high though not unheard of for a single pregnancy at 16 DPO and is even a bit higher than the adverage multiple.
I swear to god we have not used fertility drugs!
I have noticed my tummy is swollen/distended- not a baby bump. I am on a meesage board with other pregnant women due June/09 and they all seem to have the same problem. The General concensus is gas/bloating related.