Monday, January 26, 2009

19 weeks pregnant!

Monday January 26th,
Big shout out to dad (Grandpa Simpson)- Happy Birthday!

Well we went to the ultrasound today and the results are in- We are having a baby! 147 BPM. I thought I saw some nuts and bolt but apparently girl parts look the same-ish in an ultrasound sooooo team green!
Today we started our gift registry, too many decisions. We will need to get it together another day because today was way overwhelming. Belly shot is at the very end of today's post

Anyways here are the picks with our interpatations for your viewing pleasure:

**Mischa's after note on the nuts and bolts- aparently the 3 lines I saw that I thought were boy parts have been associated with girl parts.....and boy parts. I will stop obsessing publicly now as it I am 1/2 way there to finding out. Yay- 20 more weeks. Adam has also informed me I am not an ultrasound technician.***

Wednesday January 28th,
It is like Christmas!!!!! My diapers are here!!!! And a possible lead on the zooper stroller for cheap.

Friday January 30th,
I woke up to an 4.5 earthquake at 5:30 this morning although I thought it was all a dream until confirmed later that morning. We now have a major wind storm passing through. By major I mean it was strong enough to push a pregnant lady along.

here is what it looks like inside right now:

PS Holy swollen feet Batman! my ankles have a roll and as of this morning my boots suddenly don't fit thanks to water retension. Not my fancy boots-they haven't fit in weeks but my big comfy purple boots I bought for exactly his reason :(

Saturday January 31st
Well we bit the bullet and settled on a stroller which we got in amazing shape used. Although it is not "pretty" it has amazing features and is definitely what we need. Boring pictures to follow...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

18 weeks pregnant

The. belly. is. HUGE!
How freaking big is it going to get when my uterus pops forward!
total 6lbs gained (3lbs lost in last week- why, I don't know)

Tuesday January 20,
Today sucked big time. My bladder was being blocked by my uterus and I couldn`t pee. The midwife told me a bunch of exercises to help make my uterus come forward and I had to call them back in 5 hours. Well the exercises didn't work and this evening my midwives decided that it was time for a catheter. Screw a home Birth I had a home catheter- something most women don't get to experience until well into their last years! Lucky me.
Junebug you better appreciate this....
Well I am to continue exercises and with an empty bladder hopefully the uterus will move forward.

Wednesday January 21st,
Well I am home today to do my exrcises all day to make sure I don't need another catheter tonight. I would just like to say now that I am past the drama of my first catheter that I am soooo greatful that we are using a midwife. Readers: try to remember the last time your doctor did a house supper time! I am so impressed. Julia (MW) called me first thing this morning to check up on me. I am lucky to have a doctor's update after 2 weeks! In this rant I think we need to reevaluate the kind health care we would like. I realize it is highly unlikely to change and we are very fortunate to have any healthcare in Canada but midwifes show that maybe we should consider alternative ways to practice as an option.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

17 weeks pregnant

Belly is looking smaller?

Monday January 12th

Baby is on the move-all around my tummy! I ordered my cloth diaper kit in size 2 (10-22lbs). I decided that the newborn size might not have as much use as word on the street (cloth diaper forums) is to use disposables for the first couple "fun" weeks as newborn poo is the worst to get off cloth diapers. The diapers (not yet sewn) should be here in 2 weeks! I got the primary colour kit and added olive to the palette.

On Saturday we are picking up our crib in Duncan. Both sides come down & we will refinish it in a mod black and white. I figure the baby won't remember it's nursery theme and I will be spending a lot of time there so it should look like somewhere I want to hang out except it is full of too small clothes and age-inappropriate toys.No pastels for Junebug's room--> A modern black and white with green accents, sprinkled with toys. White isn't cool with the baby set anymore so it is easy to get furniture used very cheap and bonus -I hear black doesn't show poo, food, juice stains!!!!

On Thursday Adam and I are off to the midwife.


Tuesday January 13th

bruschetta, hummus, tzaziki- the holy trinity of dips with pita and a balanced meal.

Thursday January 15th,
TMI warning. Today Adam and I went to the midwife. My uterus is measuring 19cm which is couple weeks ahead but no big deal. My bladder is pretty sore. My uterus is retroverted and has not straightned its self out yet. The midwife says it should happen by the 20th week at which point I will "pop". Until then it is lying directly on my bladder which makes it feel bruised and requires me to pee a zillion times a day. Another result of the retroverted (tilted) uterus is it makes it difficult to hear the heartbeat when the baby decides to retreat to the back. This time at the midwifes again I heard the dreaded words "Have you noticed if you are still having pregnancy symptoms" as the midwife keeps searching for a heatbeat. Finally she found the baby doing fine at 150bpm. (OLD WIFES TALE ALERT: over 140BPM a girl. DOCTOR VOICE OF REASON ALERT: The only difference between the sexes happens AFTER the onset of labour)
Other than that all is well. Had a big run around to get our used stuff. We picked up about 20 pairs of fitted cloth diapers free in amazing condition, a mobile (I am taking of the teddy bears and add graphic images), an infant car seat (up to 20lbs), some sleepers and a baby bjorn carrier in case I end up not liking the sling. I am finding a lot of free paterns for stuff to sew but I'll start with the diapers before I jump into anything else.

Saturday January 17th,
We are off to Duncan today to pick up our crib and get paint supplies for it. See you later

Well we got the crib and the first coat is on. I am also getting our mobile ready . We picked up a baby-signs kit at liquidation world today for super cheap- 15$. We hope that using the baby signs in conjuction raising he or she bilingual will give them an opportunity to comunicate earlier on.
I must say despite how it might seem I am a thrifty/cheap mom. So far I think we have spent under a $150. The big ticket item will be the stroller used or not.

I will take a picture of the crib once it is all dry tomorrow. Keep in mind we still have to buy a mattress for it so it is going to look a little off.

Baby is very, very active today. We went to Boston Pizza to celebrate Adams promotion and I think Junebug likes pizza.

Well time for Supper.

Sunday January 18th,

Well here is the crib painted:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

16 weeks pregnant!

Monday January 5th
Big shop- $200 worth of groceries. I am amazed at how the stuff I want to eat is good for me for the most part with the exception of skinny cow ice cream sandwichs now and then. Oh and most shockingly of all my most hated meat has become a friend as of today-HAM! It started with a delicious dream that ended with a 3am craving and wondering out loud "why the hell don't we have ham in the house!" Needless to say $150 of our shop involved stocking up on ham.

Tuesday January 6th
Why the hell is everything in reruns...I am bored and lazy.

Wednesday January 7th
Well it is now 4am- I am wide awake and I have decided to be productive. At 3:30am I finally got up after lying in bed for an hour. Adam was then woken up ("Honey, where is the camera?") and hired as photographer so that you can see my new highly rounded belly in all of its glory. I am now either feeling the "quickening" (baby moving) or my tape worm is giving me a hard time. My next midwife appointment is next week and our big 1hour ultrasound is on the 26th of Jan. I put a classified up yesterday titled "Setting-up shop for June baby, debt-free" listing what we were looking for and the prices we are willing to pay and we have already had 3 responses in 2hours. One lady is giving us for free a bag of cloth diapers (usually not cheap)!
I have been looking into prenatal classes and will need to book soon. I am lucky the "Midwife patient" prenantal class is allowing Adam and Diane my labour coach to attend I just need to get my act together and register.
I am hoping to go on a vacation to Seattle or down the coast before mid March but we will see what happens.
Well I should try for bed again.

Here is the belly shot at 16w2d.
Notice the belly is rounding higher up as the uterus raises the roof!
5lbs gained although it looks like 20. Camera adds 10 pounds ...right?

P.S. 5am Just wanted to add I just checked my email and 10 people have now replied to my baby stuff ad. woo hoo!

Adam's thoughts on week 16

As part of being a loving and caring husband, I have contributed to the ease of Mischa's pregnancy in a few tangible ways.

1. Installed a new oak toilet seat in the bathroom. Our old one was put to the test over the past few months, and it needed a sturdy yet comfortable upgrade. Plus the wood looks fancy.

2. I have become obsessed with baby strollers. If I see one on the street that we like, I have to stop myself from asking the owners where the bought it, and for how much.

3. Temperature control. If I think it's hot, then it must be too cold. If it's cold, then Mischa is colder.

4. I will eventually accept the fact that it is all my fault. All of it.

Other than those points, I really do believe that I have the easier job in this pregnancy, and hope it stays that way.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

15 weeks Pregnant!

Rocking the full panel 5 hours short of 15 weeks:

Monday Dec 29
Off work, Shopping!

Tuesday Dec 30th
Off work, downloading music

Wednesday Dec 31st
Back to much stuff to do at work.

Thursday Jan 1 2009
Happy New Year!