Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 weeks pregnant!

Time to update again...

Thursday December 4th,
Planned my first event and it was great! For our staff party we had a bus take us up island to Chemainus for a really nice dinner and then a play.

Friday December 5th
Learned the only thing that can bring back morning sickness after it goes away is Tom Hanks, 6 stories tall, in Polar Express at the imax theater.

Saturday December 6th,
Lily got her pictures with Santa-she looks terrified. Adam and I went for a hike and a drive up to Sidney.

Sunday December 7th,
Lily and Adam went to the beach while I went for a spa day with the girls and got my hair cut and coloured. Adam seemed glad to have the alone time, Star Trek is very important.

Monday December 8th,
work work work. Adam refuses to go to the doctor despite his hand has turned into a large angry rash. Oh yeah 12 WEEKS PREGNANT!

Tuesday December 9th,
Did you know that there is delux Kraft Dinner. for 4 times the price you can have a different version of processed cheese....but oh so good

Wednesday December 10th,
Apparently I am going to Montreal for a week on Monday to help out with work....ooops I guess Adam will have to field all of the calls when all of the relatives open their cards on the 15th.

Thursday December 11th
Scary day. I had to rebook my my midwife appointment to today or else my next appointment would be at the end of December. When I went the midwife was concerned she couldn't hear a heartbeat with the doppler. She immediately arranged for an ultrasound today at a colleague of hers clinic. The next 3hours were awful. Adam was out of town with work and thankfully Kristin could drive me. Well Junebug is ok. The baby was wiggling around,waving and hiccuped. The platenta is in front of the baby right now and my uterus is still tipped so it makes it difficult to hear the baby apparently.
We are very thankful today.

12 weeks pregnant! Adam’s version

Time to update again...

Friday December 5th
I've learned IMAX 3D makes Mischa sick. There goes my Dark Knight night down the tubes.

Saturday December 6th
Santa did not look like the Santa I imagined. He was covered in dog drool.

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Mischa's Mom said...

Congratulations Mischa and Adam on making it to 12 weeks! Say "hi" to Junebug for David and me!

David and I only learned of your pregnancy this morning when we opened your special delivery envelope. Although we received it three days ago, we dutifully followed the instructions to not open until Dec. 13th. David (e.g. Mischa's dad) thought the message might be a preganacy announcement. I was mislead by the fact we were to open it on a Saturday - I thought you two were announcing you had gotten married.

I let David open the envelope - and there is was - a hand-crafted Christmas card with a black-and-white picture of Mischa and Adam on the front and a black-and-white photo (ultrasound image) of Junebug on the inside. David was very happy.

I phoned immediately - and nobody picked up (time aprox on the west coast would have been about 8:30 am). But a few minutes later a rather sleepy Mischa returned my call. Finally, David and I would know the due date!

Although Mischa put the link to this blog on some of the Christmas cards, she missed ours. Of course, as soon as she knew, Mischa emailed the link to us. It didn't work. But, simply googling '"Mischa Simpson Adam' took me immediately there. (However, simply "Mischa Simpson" leads to all sorts of interesting sites!)

We are soooooo happy for both of you - and very happy for us. David and I become grandparents! Gee - we will have to save up some money so we can visit Junebug next summer. Maybe we can rent a car and borrow some camping equipment from you. Trust me - you will not want us underfoot while you are adjusting to life with a new baby. But you might like us spoiling you and gushing over Junebug - and maybe walking Lily.
You took the dog to see Santa??? Too funny!

So, now that I have found this site, I have read your entire blog so far - I love the pictures of Robot Lily. And the pictures of you, Mischa, at the ultrasound office.

Adam - be patient with our daughter, being pregnant is not much fun the first trimester - especially if you have more concerns than many women. But life will be better in the middle trimester.

Mischa - why didn't you just get Adam to make you some hot cross buns? You can always google the recipe.

Dave and I saw Madacascar II at an Imax theatre in NYC - it was great! Too bad Imax left you naustious, Mischa.

Adam - did you ever have a doctor look at your hand?

I think this blog is a wonderful idea. Although it might seem a bit of a chore, you can bet Junebug will appreciate it. Can you make a hardcopy for him/her?

Also, Adam, we and Junebug want to hear from you. Dads are very important - a good pregancy requires teamwork. Mischa is carrying the baby but you are both pregnant in the sense that you are both parent-in-waiting. So congrats, Daddy-to-be! Make sure you put your two-cents worth in writing, both to record your experience, but also as an example to Junebug as to what to expect in a good man. (e.g. some good days, some rough days, but hanging in there, being supportive) Oh, and remember, Adam. You are the beloved of our daughter and the father of our grandchild - you have our support (and doubtless David's sympathy and understanding anytime you need it!)

Please post frequently - we all want to hear from you. Remember, we love you very much