Saturday, February 27, 2010

ideas for new glasses

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

36 weeks old!

The baby will soon be here! I am thinking Feb 28th for the record. Colben has learned to sit himself up from lying down, I couldn't beleive it the first time I went to his crib and he was sitting up. Colben has had his first full blown cold along with missile snot and hoarking cough. Poor guy!
Our knew vacuum bit the dust so we are going to trade it in today. This weekend we did a big spring clean in anticipation of my first daycare interview this week. Look great if you squint and don't look at the carpet :o|

Sunday, February 14, 2010

35 weeks old (8 months)

I solemnly swear I will attempt to be a bettr blogging mama.....we forgot week 34 eeek.... Here's what we have missed it wil be in stream of concious form as I am just going to jot down stuff as I remember: Colben is still on his way to proper crawling by doing push ups to strengthen his arms. Regardless he can still make it from only side of the room to the oter in 2 seconds flat. He is attracted to cords like a moth to a flme and we are constantly saying nah! nah! Speaking of nah nah Colben is now saying MAMA all the time and sometimes even to me! We have been re-organizing and baby proofing the house in anticipation of me doing childcare in our house for some extra income. Adam is excited to go on his parental leave on March 16th for a month. Colben made Adam a lovely Valentines card at Baby group (picked out the stickers). We all watched the Olympic opening ceremonies on Friday. I liked the killer whales and KD Lang singing Hallelujah and Adam liked the Cedar trees with Sarah MacLaughlin singing. I forgot I thought the fiddling segment was cool too especially when they played Devils Kitchen. Colben has been wearing the Olympic shirt Great Auntie Murielle sent him. I did a big sort of clothes for Colben today and we are set for 18M clothing for the net 2 years on another note we have virtually no 12M clothes! How did that happen? LOL. Diane is very very close to baby time. I took some pics when I cut her hair- I think she was such a beautiful model they turned out great. Adam spent the weekend helping out 2 different people move- what a nice guy. Well I can't think of too much more so I guess I should post some pics

Here is the beautiful ring Adam bought. It is the most perfect Valentines gift ever. It is exactly what I wanted- simple, honest, design forward. I LOVE IT

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Dianes Diaper cake I made for her shower