Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 weeks pregnant!

Monday November 25th

I am excited to make it to double digits today.

TMI-I am home today with severe constipation. I would definitely recommend intervention before it gets to this point. I fell off the toilet last night I was in so much pain- Lol. I got a call from my big boss letting me know my manager has been laid off so that I wasn't shocked when I got to work tomorrow. She wants me to see her tomorrow. She must of sensed I was freaked because she told me not to worry it was good news. Lets hope a raise!

I am a little jealous of those finding out the sex of the baby. I went to a huge childrens swap and there was a ton of super cute gender specific clothes but very little gender neutral. I bought maternity pants instead.

Tuesday November 26th,

I am back to work and got a raise- woo hoo!

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