Sunday, May 30, 2010

49/50 weeks old!

May 30th
What a busy time. Colben had his 1st birthday party today. It was a pancake breakfast and we had 6 babies and there parents and of course the Morton family. The weather was yucky so we kept it indoors and it didn`t seem to be crowded till the last few minutes when everybody was mulling about. Adam did all of the pancakes (Thanks dada!) toppings were real whip cream, homemade strawberry sauce, fruit salad, applesauce and vanilla yogurt. I have now ate 3 meals of pancakes (leftovers) and my tummy is not pleased :o)

His birthday cake was a pancake covered in whip cream and bananas. I was worried he'd grab the candle but before we could blow it out he dug into the cake. That's my boy!

I didn't get to spend too much time with Colben, he totally ditched us and visited with his friends.

For presents he was spoiled rotten. He received a ride on giraffe, a learning helicopter, a little people airplane, some shades, books, puzzles. What a lucky boy! We haven't bought him anything yet. I think I will wait until we go to the states.

Speaking of the States I cannot believe we are leaving in 10 days. I am soooo nervous. I feel like I am totally unprepared. Time to start making some lists!

On Saturday we had our big photo shoot. You want to talk about stressed you should have seen me try to get myself on my 2 men ready for the shoot. Colben my clockwork napper (2 hours after wakeup-no muss no fuss) that this was the day to eliminate the morning nap. Agggg! He continued with this trend today as well. I don't know if it is teething or if he really is ready for 1 nap a day. I will miss that extra time :(
Anyways, we will get to see the edited photos in a couple weeks so that we can choose the prints we want. I know the pics of Colben and Adam are going to turn out great, they were so natural, but I was nervous and very stiff.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

46/47 weeks old! (11 months)

Well it has been a busy one. Colben has gotten his 2nd tooth, is standing for short bouts, had his first really bad cold and is high-fiving. My first mothers day is coming up tomorrow and we have been to 2 birthday parties this month so far! My god the party never ends.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

45 weeks old!

New hair colour (aka going to turn 30 blond)
ck star

Sunday, April 18, 2010

44 weeks old!

When goats attack
The baby limo which inspires pitying looks wherever we go
At Beacon Hill Park
The boys
Potato Juice

Sunday, April 11, 2010

43 weeks old! (10 months)

Colben has been pulling up the last couple of weeks and is cruising around. He has now taken to pulling up without furniture against the wall- YIKES! I think Colben is going to learn a lot from the little boy who is coming to daycare. He is 1 month older than Colben and already saying words like duck, dog, ball. Yowza!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

41 to 42 weeks- SORRY

Well we were on a trip then we wre recovering from a trip. Here are the pics in no particular order.

Tada! Look at my lip. My first injury. Tiny cut LOTS of blood!
Great Grandma and Grampa Wandell

Uncle Bryn Feeding Colben
The Wandells!
The prettiest sisters in Saskatchewan- Megan Tanya and Joni
Our Family
On the road Dada
Colben and Mama on the road
Olympics downtown Vancouver
Mother and son
Auntie Maya Colben and Mama at the Art Gallery
Like father like son
Kid Harem
Playing guitar with Kane
Isaak and Caleb
Im a big boy now
Isaak Emily and Erin
The Thorhaug Great Grandkids

Great Grandpa Wandell
Colben's first kiss- Don't tell him its his 2nd cousin!
Auntie Cindy
Auntie Maya