Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first week (4weeks pregnant) Oct 12-18

This is what happened the first week:

Oct 12

I managed to keep myself from testing this morning but last night I felt pre-cramps before bed and am not overly confident in this cycle.


oct 13
6:30am holy crap 12DPO! It is now 6:30am in Victoria, BC and I have just spent the last 1/2 hour analizing my second line. Adam sees it so I am not insane but it is very faint. The line is as wide as the first line but very light pink. Adam is taking the day off work and is coming back with food which is good because I may just eat my puppy right now I am so hungry. Wow what a morning.

I just did another test (to make sure the first wasn't an evaporation line.) and it came out again with the faint line. Thank goodness for cheap internet strips as I will be testing quite a bit I think.

Honestly no real symptoms that couldn't be attributed to regular life. At 8dpo my BBT/basal temps dipped looking like and implantation dip. My temps bounced back the next day and are slowly, very slowly getting higher. I was a super hungry pit this morning but I was last month too and BFN. My bb's arn't any bigger although I prick in one this morning and a headache on one side of my temple.

I tested again 2hours later with 2nd morning pee and got a faint line again. My RE office is closed for the holiday today so I will call tomorrow. My biggest fear is the "evaperation line". (They can be mistaken for a positive) I am not sure what it should look like in case that is what I am seeing. I did use the same ones last month and no evap line then just a blank empty space.


Oct 14
I tested again this morning and still light pink. It doesn’t appear to be very much if at all darker. I am concerned that my hCG levels aren’t rising. I left a message with the Dr’s office to call me today but I will be surprised if I get a call back as I am sure it will be crazy there after the holidays. This month was a natural cycle as we were going to start treatments the cycle after HSG so there has been no monitoring except an ultrasound at cd6 which showed 22cysts on one ovary resulting in the PCOS diagnosis. I have had 2x m/c and I am wondering if it is too late to start progesterone to maintain early pregnancy. I am feeling a little panicky today thinking every little thing might be an AF cramp. On the positive side I woke up with sore dense bb’s and a wee bit queasy today. The weird pseudo-headache continues on and off.
So weird to think of that as a good thing.
I will admit it only to you - I am a poasaholic. (poas= pee on a stick)
I bought a First Response as I have been using internet strips from and I had heard a lot of them get evaporation line. We the beautiful perfect line was the same colour as the control - not the ambiguous faint pink. If you are not sure about your internet cheapies I would definitely recommend splurging for one fancy test. Adam and I voted today. I was sad to see the conservatives elected again but I am not suprised. I was hoping to see a more family friendly party elected. I bought Adam a baby book for fathers at his request. Adam is really sick and has been too out of it to really be a part of bfp excitement which has kinda got me down.


oct 15
AFM- Not sure if preg related but I have been extremly clumsy the last 2 days. I shrugged it off as multiple coincidences but this morning I dropped my whole new jug of milk and picked up my curling iron by the hot part resulting in a wicked burn on my hand, I am unble to speak, and I am constanly tripping.

Oct 16
I am cautiously hopping on the baby train. I went to the Dr. yesterday and had 7 vials drawn for every screening under the sun. I swear to god if they had taken that much blood at Red Cross at least I would of gotten a cookie and a glass of OJ.
The doctor said I would only receive a call if there was an issue as he believes we should assume the best. Normally I would balk at this but for myself I know I would be analyzing every result worrying myself into a frenzy. As my RE he will be following me until the end of the first trimester at which point the baton will be handed to my midwife. Oh yeah WooHOO! I got my midwife. If you wern’t aware it is very, very difficult to get a midwife. I caled in 3 days after the first positive and they were already over booked. They had a big meeting to decide who they were going to take and the next day I got the call. This is exciting for the following reasons:

1. I get to have a home birth.
2. The MW -midwife is the president of the BC association so established
3. There are 3 MWs in the group so that one does appointments 2 do the birthing that week.
4. The office is close to my work
5. The MW’s have been practicing since 1979 so oldies but goodies

My EDD is June 23rd which means if I keep my legs crossed I’ll still be able to go to Sasquatch Music Festival in May if I buy the best travel insurance every. It is only less than 1.5 hr to Cranbrook. We’ll see.

So far symptoms are: big, colourful breasts, change in sleep (4am internal alarm clock), general clumsiness and stupidity, and worst of all the other big C- if you need to ask you just don’t understand.
oct 17
I woke up this morning my right bottom rib severely hurting towards the middle. I thought I pulled a muscle and went to the walk-in clinic Dr to see what kind of medicine if any I can take. He started pushing and it hurt so much I couldn’t help but start crying. The clinic doctor then called my RE and they agreed it is likely my gallbladder. Now I have been eating very well with little fat and high fiber so I was a little confused about it being my gallbladder until I found out 12% of pregnant women have gallbladder problems due to the surge in estrogen which slows everything down. I have just had bloodwork (again) and I have a pelvis and abdomen ultrasound are booked for Monday Oct 20th. My RE says it is highly unlikely etopic pregnancy because it would be too early for this kind of reaction. I feel a little crampish (no pain though) and am terrified of another m/c. I dreamt last night I was spotting.
oct 18

After the whole gallbladder attack yesterday and the m/c dream I have been a little on edge. When I got home from buying new accomadating bras (the uglier the more comfterable)I saw I had a message from the walk-in clinic I went to yesterday. I started panicking a bit because of the blood work for liver/gallbladder and the girl said to call back as soon as posible. Well it was just the doctor on today calling to say I am pregnant (no kidding). I asked him what the beta was (16DPO) and he said 500. Now I am not sure how good this is because I don't know what my first beta is to compare to but....500 is high though not unheard of for a single pregnancy at 16 DPO and is even a bit higher than the adverage multiple.
I swear to god we have not used fertility drugs!
I have noticed my tummy is swollen/distended- not a baby bump. I am on a meesage board with other pregnant women due June/09 and they all seem to have the same problem. The General concensus is gas/bloating related.


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I decided to go back and post comments because I hadn't been doing it and I realized how important it realy was for me to do so. I just wanted to tell you two that I love you both very much and I am so excited that you will be joining Jeff and I in parentland! It has the worlds biggest Roller Coaster ride!!! You two are going to make wicked parents. I cant wait to see the little one. Just so you know, and now you will have it down on paper, if you ever need anything I am always here for you. If you need an hour to take a nap or just get your head straight I will always be here for a drop off! Ha! If you need a ride somewhere in the middle of the night or when Adam is at work I can drive! I love you and cant wait to be with the three of you when delivery day comes!