Tuesday, December 16, 2008

13 weeks pregnant!

Sorry guys i didn't know I would be in montreal this week. I will write when I am back.

Here is my crossing Canada via photos.

The trip was busy with 9-10 hour days working so I wasn't able to explore much more than room service so the photos are from my flight out to Montreal. On my way there my flight was delayed an hour as the plane needed a "jump start". On the way home my flight was delayed by just over 2 hours due to a winter storm. I missed my connector and was put standby on the last flight home. Exhausted and weepy they found a spot home for me and I arrived home after travelling for 13 hours. I am so happy to be home

Pacific Crossing

Vancouver touch-down

Rise and shine Vancouver

Alberta rockies

Saskatchewan prairies

Manitoba fades into Ontario

Sun sets into Quebec


Mischa's Mom said...

Okay . . . we want all the details . . . li'l junebug will want to know what Mummy was doing. BTW, junebug also wants to know what Daddy is doing

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