Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Weeks Pregnant!

Monday November 10th

Gone swimming- more to come.

Tuesday November, 11th

Today we are going to just "look" at a new car. Our car is scary bad right now- the middle console heats up burning hot when we drive and the car smells like burning metal on metal. I think we are just going to need to find the money somewere to get a newer used vehicle. I don't even want to be in the car now and often get a ride with co-workers instead of breathing in the fumes. I would never take the baby in that car. We have decided to compromise. I wanted a mini van and Adam wants a car. Wagon it is! Not sexy but practical. The car we are going to look at today is a 2006 27K wagon for 12999. It still has 1 year factory waranty and 3years powertrain left - fully loaded. I don't want to get our hopes up as i would rather have a home than a car but it is nice to look. Here is our baby mobile

Wednesday November 12

We went yesterday to have a quick look at the car. It was awesome. I am hoping we can bring down the price a bit but I am not skilled in the art of negotiation. We will be back on Saturday to take a look if it is still there.

I have had a head cold for the last few days and have been slightly miserable due to lack of medicine. Adam and I are going swimming again today. We are going to aim for 3 times a week, starting with a little light weight lifting (to make my arms strong for carrying the baby) and then jumping into the pool. I have done something to my foot so walking is not so good right now but when I swim there is no pressure on it and I feel great!

Today I started to stress a little about needing to know how to drive before the baby comes. I just hit me. I will start studying again this weekend as I need to re-do the learners test in BC but my Alberta time should apply. I have only been out driving twice since I got my learners in July/07 as Adam’s car is not drivable to learn on. I figure if I get my BC learners soon and we get a new car I can start practicing and get my novice licence in Spring before my belly is too big.

Thursday November 13

I am home today sick with a cold. The cold wouldn't be so bad if I had been able to sleep after 1am but no such luck. I am seeing my midwife today so maybe she will have some advice.

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