Sunday, October 25, 2009

19 weeks old

This has been a weekend of action. Mama finally got her learners....again but in BC. apparently I can road test today if I wanted to for time served in Alberta(I neglected to mention to them I have been behind a wheel exactly twice if you include once at the go-carts)
Did you know you are no longer allowed to smile in pictures- All this after I had 7 teeth removed so that I can smile properly. Artist recreation of expected license other than a yellow piece of paper below.

I also decided Colben was ready for a jolly jumper. If I could drive he could sure as hell bounce! No artistic recreation due to lack of photos probably because when we put him in it the first time he screamed like a banshee and we needed to figure out how to undo the 3 waist safety devices to get him out.

After my triumph at the DMV I was not discourage by a bit of crying, Colben was ready, ready for something new (We've given up on him rolling over)
Rice cereal it is! Victory is ours aand we are going to post as many pictures of him eating as we want.

All done

Saturday, October 17, 2009

18 weeks old!

Well fall is upon us and we are gearing up.

Today we hit a super sale and bought Colben a wool and fleece one piece overall jacket for fall and warmer days and a one piece snowsuit for winter walks and our trip to Calgary. We realize the snowsuit might not be used a ton but we bought it a neutral colour for future kiddies. Here our some pics of our warm cutie and his new outfits.

On another note guess what? We didn't invent Colben's name! While looking through a list of Norwegian of boys names there lo and behold is Kolbein! So I guess we were true to his ancestry.

The word is out Auntie Diane and Uncle Jeff are having a boy. He will be born only 9 months apart from Colben and will either be best buddies or arch enemies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

17 weeks old! (4 months)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we took Colben to the pool for the first time. We expected to stay only a few minutes thinking it might be too much. Well were we ever suprised! An hour and a half of playing. Colben played pass with a ball, he floated on his back, he practiced his stepping/walking in the baby pool. He never once made so much as a fuss even when he got water in his eyes. What a good boy.

Wednesday was a busy day. On top of our daily walks with Marie-Eve and Olivia we went to baby group. Thhis time Colben stayed awake and could be heard chatting with all of the babies- much more so than he usually does with his mama and daddy. We then rushed to the health clinic to get his 2nd set of vaccinations. He is such a good boy and hardly makes a peep. We also weighed Colben for the 4th week in a row as per the health nurses instructions and he only gained 1 oz this week and 8 oz in a month. Not to sure about this nurse, she seems unconcerned that he is spitting up large volumes and is barely maintaning weight. Her answer for his constipation is to give him water (which Colben absolutely refuses to drink). Insted we have gone rogue and decided to give him baby probiotics which seems to be helping a bit (they better be for 30 buck for a bottle so small it could through my fridge shelf bars!) We also have an appointment with our Dr on Tuesday but I am lacking a bit of confidence there too. The nurse measured Colben as 26" at 3 months which was totally wrong as he is just about 25" at 4 months and she weighed him with all of his clothes on which every single health proffessional we have dealt with (and there has been a lot) says to strip the baby before weigh in.
Oh well.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

16 weeks old!

Colben is turning into a little monkey. He grabs mama's glasses off her face. His puddles of drool rival small ponds. His spit up seems a bit better this week. We have started giving him baby probiotics to help with his tummy issues.

Adam and I have a 25lb weight loss challenge- weight loss so far for me- 1 lb and I think it was just because I peed!

Colben had his first Thanksgiving. Last year on Thanksgiving we found out we were pregnant.

The count down has started- Next Thursday we find out if Auntie Diane's baby is a boy or a girl. We are all so excited Colben will have a little friend.

The other day Colben and I had a picnic with Auntie Diane and Ethan and went to the playground for the first time.

Daddy has been lonely because he has a very bad sore throat and is not allowed to kiss Colben no matter how cute he is.

We found out thanks to Grandma Still we will be flying to Calgary to have Colben's first Christmas. We are excited for him to meet all of his uncles.

We broke down and bought Colben the yuppie thing of the year (although used thank god) -a "Bumbo". It allows Colben to sit up and he loves it. It comes in handy when you are visiting and need to put him down while you eat and I am sure once we start feeding him baby food too.