Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 weeks pregnant!

Monday November 25th

I am excited to make it to double digits today.

TMI-I am home today with severe constipation. I would definitely recommend intervention before it gets to this point. I fell off the toilet last night I was in so much pain- Lol. I got a call from my big boss letting me know my manager has been laid off so that I wasn't shocked when I got to work tomorrow. She wants me to see her tomorrow. She must of sensed I was freaked because she told me not to worry it was good news. Lets hope a raise!

I am a little jealous of those finding out the sex of the baby. I went to a huge childrens swap and there was a ton of super cute gender specific clothes but very little gender neutral. I bought maternity pants instead.

Tuesday November 26th,

I am back to work and got a raise- woo hoo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

9 Weeks Pregnant!

Monday November 17th,

Junebug is officially the size of Adams favorite food- AN OLIVE.

We are officially suiting up to be parents.
This weekend we got ourselves a reliable automobile! It is a 2006 Optra Wagon and it rocks….in a mommy mobile kinda way. Our old one was a death trap Protégé and will probably be scrapped. It was so exciting to drive up a hill without the fear of stalling. Lol. There is lots of room in the back for stroller etc. This is the newest car we’ve ever owned so this is pretty exciting for us.
Today is 9 weeks. Once I hit double digits I think I will start feeling safe. This weekend we bought all of the stuff from Michael's to make our pregnancy announcements for Christmas to let our family & friends know. I occasionally have delusions of craftiness. We’ll see how it works out.

This weekend the morning sickness seemed constant. I have found something that makes me happy- california rolls: the other sushi. Real sushi is a big no-no during pregnancy because of the raw fish but thankfully North Americans who couldn't handle the thought of uncooked fish invented cooked sushi- Hooray for California Rolls!!!!!!
Well I am off to eat another roll.

Wednesday November 19th,

We apparently the most important thing to me right now is food because if you look at the last 10 posts I would say 80% references food somehow. Last night I had oh so delicious Glico Curry. Yum Yum Japanese Curry (the equivilant of japanese hamburger helper). I am noticing a pattern, my next craving is this triangle rice ball with cooked tuna and mayonais wrapped in seaweed that I used to get at the convenience stores in Japan.

I'm turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so
Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

Signing off,

PS the triangle rice thing is called Onigiri.

Friday November 21st

Apparently I should leave Japanese cooking to the experts. Tuna fish sandwiches are good.

Sunday November 23rd

Family pics

Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Weeks Pregnant!

Monday November 10th

Gone swimming- more to come.

Tuesday November, 11th

Today we are going to just "look" at a new car. Our car is scary bad right now- the middle console heats up burning hot when we drive and the car smells like burning metal on metal. I think we are just going to need to find the money somewere to get a newer used vehicle. I don't even want to be in the car now and often get a ride with co-workers instead of breathing in the fumes. I would never take the baby in that car. We have decided to compromise. I wanted a mini van and Adam wants a car. Wagon it is! Not sexy but practical. The car we are going to look at today is a 2006 27K wagon for 12999. It still has 1 year factory waranty and 3years powertrain left - fully loaded. I don't want to get our hopes up as i would rather have a home than a car but it is nice to look. Here is our baby mobile

Wednesday November 12

We went yesterday to have a quick look at the car. It was awesome. I am hoping we can bring down the price a bit but I am not skilled in the art of negotiation. We will be back on Saturday to take a look if it is still there.

I have had a head cold for the last few days and have been slightly miserable due to lack of medicine. Adam and I are going swimming again today. We are going to aim for 3 times a week, starting with a little light weight lifting (to make my arms strong for carrying the baby) and then jumping into the pool. I have done something to my foot so walking is not so good right now but when I swim there is no pressure on it and I feel great!

Today I started to stress a little about needing to know how to drive before the baby comes. I just hit me. I will start studying again this weekend as I need to re-do the learners test in BC but my Alberta time should apply. I have only been out driving twice since I got my learners in July/07 as Adam’s car is not drivable to learn on. I figure if I get my BC learners soon and we get a new car I can start practicing and get my novice licence in Spring before my belly is too big.

Thursday November 13

I am home today sick with a cold. The cold wouldn't be so bad if I had been able to sleep after 1am but no such luck. I am seeing my midwife today so maybe she will have some advice.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

7 weeks Pregnant!

Tuesday November 4th,

Junebug is now a blueberry/raspberry, hmmmm delicious raspberries.

Wednesday November 5th,

Yesterday I was sooo sick. Mash potatoes were about all I could think of eating and I really wanted hot cross buns I mean really wanted them. Apparently they are out of season as they are baked only during Easter. Bastards.

Last night Adam and I watched the American election all night. I started crying when Barack Obama was announced as the president elect I was so moved. A commentary was made that really stuck with me that this election was historical not just for African Americans and visible minorities but also for all of the white people through out the history of America who did the right thing going against their communities and culture to see this day. The commentator then read from Martin Luther King's last speach. I am getting choked up again. I am so happy our baby will be born during this term. I realize everything will not change in 4 years but maybe the ground work can be laid. I must say McCain's consession speach was really good and I felt a little sorry for him. It sounds silly but I am super concerned about Obama's safety. I keep thinking he is now some idiot's target.
It was amazing to see the hundreds of thousands of people in Chicago for Obama, I wonder if our friend Michael was there. There were so, so many young faces in the crowd. I wish Canada would be moved in the same way. What an amazing night.

Friday November 7th,

Hearing the heartbeat

Today we went to for the last time to the current doctor's office to have an ultrasound done. It was the first time that I've seen, and heard, our Junebug's heartbeat.

Lot's of reasons and things have told me that Mischa is having our baby, but for myself, seeing the heart blip was more emotionally sealing than anything before. The screen showed the entire contents of the embrionic sac, and the doctor explained what we were seeing. The most unmistakeable thing though, was the rythmic timing of a heart beating, visible by way of flashes of light, followed by the most intense thumping I think I have ever heard. Beautiful.

The doctor said everything is going great.

Well be just got back from the doctor. Only one little bug in there. The heart beat was very loud and strong the doctor said. I didn't think we would hear the heart beat but we did! I ask how many BPM but the Dr. said he didn't count. Adam thought it was so cool and now I think it has sunk in that we are having a baby. This is the furthest I have ever made it. The measurement of the baby put us back to our original EDD of June 23/08, (today is 7w4d). My RE has signed off and I am now going to see our midwife for our first appointment on Nov 13. I am looking forward to my hour long appointments with my midwife. I liked my RE but his time was highly in demand and I felt like I was being a pain if I took to long. I am really glad Adam went to the ultrasound with me, he is even now talking about being there when the baby is born!


Saturday November 8th,

Today Adam and I went to a used baby clothes swap. Lots of pretty girl stuff but not too many unisex stuff.
We got home to Lily outr whiny baby and that is when things started getting weird. I wonder how she will be when the baby comes...