Tuesday, March 31, 2009

28 Weeks pregnant

Wednesday April 1st,

Well it seem like a mother's intuition is correct after all- We have a June Bug and a Boo! First thing this morning we had an ultrasound after some concern from the midwives regarding my fundal height (how big my uterus is growing compared to how many weeks I am). You may recall at the start I had my suspicion of twins especialy with the super strong heartbeat. When twins HB is is very close it can sound like one loud one. Apparently what they "think" happened was one was hiding in behind the other. Anyways I am a little disappointed because they were so smooshed together we couldn't see if they were boy or girl (now that there are two I want to know damn it!) Adam is still in shock. Thank god we have so many people coming to help. Baby A is in the 54th percentile and Baby B 43rd percentile which is good the OB at the clinic said and that they are likely fraternal. This week is week 28 and the Dr says most twins are considered full term at 34-36 weeks - That means 6-8 weeks!!!!!!!!! What sucks is we will now be transfered to an OB as twins are considered too high risk for a midwife and home birth is definitely out of the question. :o(
Well time for work now, I will finish this post and more pics when I get home.

Happy April Fools!

Monday, March 23, 2009

27 weeks pregnant

Monday March 23rd,

Adam is now one sick little monkey which sucks as his family birthday is tomorrow. Junebug has learned how to stick an appendage under my rib and push letting me know they are there. My project this weekend is taking regular ugly onesies with picks of ducks etc and making them pseudo-posh by creating iron transfers and puting it over top. It is super cheap to do and all but one where the under picture was darker than the transfer, turned out. We did a balance of girl/boy ones. Here are some pics. Belly shot tomorrow.

Wednesday March 25th,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

26 weeks pregnant

Thursday March 19th,

Sorry I am so late but I am still sick. I promise I will update tonight.

Hello friends & family,

I know it has been a couple weeks since I’ve blogged but I have been so exhaust from being sick that I haven’t opened my computer except at work. I will do my best to update what we have done in the past weeks. Photos will be posted later tonight

Well as you know I have a bad flu. To those who asked I am still coughing hard (yay week three!) and it seems like I continue to lose my mucus plug every time is starts to regenerate. Dr says it is what it is – a very bad cough from the flu and I will just need to wait it out. In the meantime I am exhausted and weepy from the coughing and pulled muscles by evening (don’t even ask about the bladder!) and Adam is exhausted from taking care of his sick wife from the minute he gets home. I took the first week off work but that was all of the time I could afford to take off. I feel like the cough is getting a bit better and I hope it will be gone by Adam’s birthday next Wednesday.

Well enough woe is me …

Also during this time we have progressed on our house painting. We are now done painting our bathroom, bedroom and hallway cove after becoming jealous at how nice & bright the nursery looks. For those of you haven’t seen our house the entire place is painted a sickly greyish mauve enhanced only by the low light of our basement suite and the putty marks left from past tenants. I have the photos below of the new paint job. I figure if we are going to be staying here a while I want to be as comfortable as possible. The next step is this Sunday I think we will slap some primer the hallway, kitchen, living room so that the next weekend on pay day we can pick up the good coloured paint. Kristin has been volunteered by me to help us (thanks Kristin) because she is a good friend as well as nice and tall. :o)

We picked up a mattress for the crib, lots of fabric, and cork boards for nursery. Most of all I am super excited about the new clothes I bought yesterday now that I am moving into a whole new size and trimester(see fashion shoot below). I had no idea I would be so happy to buy new underwear… they are sooooooo comfty.

Sewing- I have been a sewing machine! (No pun intended) I will be very sad when I have to give the sewing machine back at the end of April. So far I have sewn:

14 completed all-in-one diapers.
6 50% completed diapers (finishing tonight)
1 portable change pad
2 closet curtains
1 rocking chair seat cover
1 decorative cushion
1 bed skirt for the crib
1 baby blanket/quilt
1 stroller seat recover
1 baby sling for Adam
1 reversible baby sling for me

What still needs to be done:
8 more diapers
24 diaper soaker pads (thank god for Diane’s serger- SOOOOO nice)
Cover the cork boards
Stroller Bassinette cover
2 more portable change pad (Adam’s request)
Dry bag (for wet accidents on the road)
6 pairs of breastfeeding pads.
5 burp cloths.

And then I guess that is it?

I am thinking of making some newborn pocket diapers I can just stuff the diaper pads into until Junebug grows into the bunch I have already made.

Adam- As I mentioned before I think he is getting a little burned out from taking care of me although he doesn’t show it. I am very grateful for his help right now as I crash around 8:30-9pm every night and he diligently gets everything ready for me not to mention takes care of the house and takes Lily for walks. Adam is also been promoted to “painter” at our house so he wears many caps. Adam is lacking in only one department- dexterity! I have never seen someone have so much difficulty trying the put the tiny screws back in the light switch covers so now it is my job. If that is his only flaw I’m not complaining. On Saturday we are participating in a first time parents study ($150 For 3 hours of questions!) and after I am taking Adam to eat his favourite food at an Oyster Bar for his birthday and then we will head out to a movie. Adam has requested a taco night on Tuesday with friends and family.

Junebug- Junebug is moving around lots especially when I cough. Adam and I have decided Junebug is going to make our life miserable when she/he comes out as pay-back for being pushed around by coughs for a month. My tummy has “popped” again or at least others have said so. How much bigger am I supposed to get in 3 more months? I am now 45” around belly at belly button (yes I still have a belly button) and have gained 20lbs. Junebug can now hear, taste, and pseudo-see. We have decided to not get a 3D ultrasound as we could probably use the $200 elsewhere so maybe with bug #2. All in all Junebug seems well and heart was steady at 155BPM when we week at the hospital last week.

Well I am hoping this is enough of an update and that you are all well. I will try to be a little better in the upcoming weeks.

sexy Adam

Very sexy Adam with his new sling- he picked out the fabric

26 weeks pregnant belly

travel change pad with pocket unrolls to 4x size

Recovered chair, pillow, and crib skirt

Baby quilt

Recovered stroller and kangaroo

CAMERA ADDS 10 POUNDS.....Camera adds 10 pounds... camera adds 10 pounds
New shirt

New brown dress and baby sling

New skirt

Saturday March 21st,

Well it is 4:30am which isn`t that early when you consider that I went to bed at 8pm. Last night I had the strangest thing happen ever- an all natural acid trip!!! Adam had just got home when suddenly I had difficulty seeing. The change in vision turned everything prism like- kinda like when you look through one of those dollar store colidascope (sp?). I triend to check out on the internet what was going on but definitely couldn't read the screen. I decided not to worry Adam and had a bath- that's when the wall to my left started moving like waves upon the sand. Keep in mind during this time I had no other symptoms, pain, nothing except a little pressure in my eyes. After my bath I got Adam to take me up the street to Shopper's to check my Blood pressure just in case I needed to call the midwife but it was fine. I got home felt a pressure headache start and put my self to bed. Now at 4am I can see normal(ish) and check out what the heck happened. It looks like I had my first "classic" migraine which is characterized by an "aura" obscuring vision before to onset of pain. Prior to yesterdaqy I wasn't that cool, I had just had the run of the mill "common" migraine= all pain-no fun. Anyways I thought I would jot down this experience because not to make light of migrain sufferers because I know they are very debilitating but last night wasn't scary just kinda neat. Although not so neat if it had turned into a full blown migrain pain.

My Boss Christine donated her old souped up cell phoneto us when she got her new Blackberry. We just set it up for emergency only so that Adam can carry it around when he is delivering all over the islands in case the baby comes. The new # is 250-208-8089 but is only to be used in emergency as we have purchased minumum minutes for it.

Well we are back from our big day out.We did our research study and it was actually pretty fun. Afterwards we got some Japanese food and then we went (Adam kicking and screaming) to the optometrist. Well I am not surprised but Adam needs glasses (the squinting gave it away). The eye dr confirmed it was a migrain I experienced although he called it an ocular migrain. My prescription has doubled but it may very likely be from pregnancy so I will just get a 3 month supply of contacts and be re-tested. I got to wear a trial pair of contacts and they rock!! I forgot how clear everything is with the correct prescription. For Adam`s glasses we will shop around so he can get a cool pair. After the optometrist we went to Ferris` Oyster Bar and Adam had 1 dozen on the shell, we shared baked eggs,with leek and proscuitto and I had baguette with brie artichoke heart an roasted pepper. SO FULL! Well our biggest surprise is that Adam found a pearl in his oyster! How crazy is that? It isn't round, more eggplant shaped and is just the start of one but still pretty cool. For Adam's birthday we picked him up a new hat. Now it is relax time- we will go to a movie next week as today was pretty tiring.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 weeks pregnant

Saturday March 14th,

Mischa has been sick for at least 2 weeks now. While it has been helpful for her sewing adventures, it's been tough on her body. We went to the Victoria General hospital Wednesday in case the cramps/contractions were something other than stress on the body. Thank goodness is was just cough related, but I am seriously impressed by the quickness of the team in the women's pregnancy ward! Oh, the rooms in the hospital are painted a nice lilac, so sooo soothing! Mischa never wants to end up there...

It's good this weekend, no painting, just sewing. Which means I have a easy weekend!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

24 weeks pregnant

Tuesday March 3,
Sorry I am late writing and no photo. I haven't forgotten I am just really sick and will be off work for at least 2 more days. I would just like to let you know that this is 24 weeks which means I am viable. That is a fancy term for saying that if the baby was born today they may possibly be able to save it. We would really like the baby to wait at least 12 more weeks though even though mommy would really like some hardcore meds now for her flu.

Wednesday March 4,

Still sick I've lost 5lbs since Saturday but I am guessing it is water although I am drinking it all day. On other note I now officially have a 40DD cup and my belly is 42" around at belly button. Yes there was a measuring tape beside the couch where I am lying down, yes I am bored, yes I hope I magically wake up better tomorrow so that I have something more interesting to write about.