Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 Weeks Pregnant!

Sunday October 19th,

I am looking forward to the ultrasound tomorrow although I am not sure if they will be able to see anything yet. I am feeling a bit down today and a little overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I will be excited when I am dealing only with my midwife not 3 different doctors. This won't happen until December when I am out of the woods.

Monday October 20th,

7:30am I have been up since 6am and I am soooooo hungry/nauseous and I can't eat or drink until 10:30am due to the ultra sound. Last night I had cramps all night and could barely sleep. I checked to see if I was spotting but everything looks ok. I took another HPT and it was immediately dark which was releiving.

2:50pm TMI WARNING!!!
My experience today at the ultrasound was awful. For the first one (abdominal) I was so hungry I almost threw up. My second one (pelvic)I had to pee so badly while waiting I started crying. Both technicians were impossible to understand due to thick accents and they both repeated each sentence twice like Jacob two-two. The pelvic guy was Russian and a total jerk. When he started he said he found no sign of pregnancy! I said highly unlikely so he did a T.V. ultrasound and said "oh you have a tilted uterus I can see now." No shit, if he had of read the rec sheet he would of known that instead of making me think the I wasn't pregnant for 5 minutes. He would not let me look at the screen, he would not let me have a picture- not very confidence building. While holding my knees to my ears he asked if I was comfterable. Jokingly I said "As much as I can be under the circumstances." He the replied " Well you know it is not like we enjoy doing this" Fuck you, do your job. I was shaking I was so mad. When I got home I started telling Diane but she already knew who I was talking about because she had a similar bad experience with that tech.
I have rescheduled my dr's appointment until Thursday when the ultrasound will be back.
What a rotten day- I am going to go have a spoon of icing.

Tuesday October 21

Adam and I are telling the bosses today. oy.

So I decided today to tell my boss about our pregnancy, and it went well. It's pretty important that he knows about this, as who knows what time I'll have to ask off! Good relations are always important at work. I think he felt special, as I sworn him to secrecy from my peers, as I will tell them in due time. Nik could not wipe the smile off his face! Even though he has told me multiple times that kids are no good.
Mischa also told her work, so we are all good for taking time off.
I'm excited!

Wednesday October 22

Feeling good today, no cramps so far. I woke up at 1, 2, 5am but I don't feel tired.

Thursday October 23rd

4:02 pm

Well I went to the Doctor today and I guess when I confirmed that my ultrasound result had arrived I assumed since both were done at the same time that they would arrive at the same time. Nope. The abdominal ultrasound arrived but no pelvic ultrasound.

Oh well. I found out what my first beta result is 14DPO @ 4pm 194, my 2nd was 16DPO @ 10am 500 which means my doubling time was 30.75 hrs.

Average hCG Beta at 14DPO is 100 for singleton, 201 for twins
Average hCG Beta at 16DPO is 197 for singleton, 393 for twins

Average doubling time is 38.43 hrs for singleton, 38.83 hrs for twins

Other than that nothing relevant.

Friday October 24th,

Saturday October 25th,

I am feeling awful. The doctor called to say they finally found the ultrasound done on Monday. He is concerned that the gestational sac was measuring only 4mm at 19DPO. I am having another beta done on Monday to make sure my hCG is increasing still. I feel like I am being punished for getting my hopes up again. I know it is silly to think this way but after a while you start getting supersticious. I feel hopeless until I find out the next beta which should be at least 16000. I won't find out until Tuesday at the earliest.

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