Sunday, September 27, 2009

15 weeks old!

Halloween costume- FAIL

Tuesday Sept 29th,
drool, drool, puke, cry, drool, cry, laugh/cry, drool. Colben has been experiencing pseudo teething and is miserable. Constipation isn't helping. Where's my happy baby?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

14 weeks old!

what's new: drooling, chewing an everything, blowing chunks 2hrs past meal, laughing hard, sleeping long, standing supported, sitting supported, grabbing stuff, needing to be swaddled again, immediate freak out when hungry, fascination with hair,a few more hairs, 14lbs 9oz


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

13 weeks old! (3 months?)

Today has been monumental!!!!!
After 2 days sleep training, Colben has stretched his 3 x 45minute naps to 3 x 1.5hours. Hallelujah! I can actually make myself lunch, have a shower, do dishes all on the SAME day!!!!!!!!!!

I read a book called the baby whisperer (stupid title) but Colben and I haven`t been really ready for a schedule before 3 months. Colben is crying now at exactly the 1.5hour mark- time to get him...... amazing

Friday Sept 18th,

I had always imagined I would be my son's #1 cheerleader in whatever he chooses to partake in. What I didn't know is I would be shouting "Come'on, you can do it- PUSH THAT POOP OUT!" Colben hasn't pooped in days and is constipated. The doctor says give it a couple more days before intervention but I feel Colben's frustration as he grunts and strains only give mama an empty diaper. "Go Colben, Go!" Pray for poo

Update: He poops, he scores! Good job Colben

Sunday, September 6, 2009