Sunday, November 1, 2009

20 weeks old!

Colben thinks he is now a big boy and can hold his own bottle thank you very much!

Soon he will be as big as our awesome godson Ethan who just started kindergarten is waiting for his new baby brother

Below is mama's little helper (no not vodka martini)

This halloween Colben rudely interupted Pumpkin in the washroom causing a moment which will probably result in a lifetime of diapering and therapy

Ninjas live upstairs- although I'm not sure how good of ninjas they are as sometimes we can hear them ;o)

Colben handsome as he is, is becoming way too vain. He is always staring in the mirror fixing his 3 hairs. Oddly enough he never seems to notice the barf down his shirt

P.S. We're rich bitch- don't ask us for money


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Such a cute baby in the mirror, eh Colben! Don't worry, there will be more hair on your head soon. But alas,it will be fleeting. You are a Thorhaug after all!!!!lol

Are the ninjas what scared you Adam?
The little one in the back looks the scariest. Next year, Colben, little zombie!

Laurie said...

Hahaha I just had a good laugh! He is so adorable and dont worry mischa your entitled to the odd Vodka Martini ;)

Laurie said...

Is that actually Colben in the pumpkin??