Sunday, October 25, 2009

19 weeks old

This has been a weekend of action. Mama finally got her learners....again but in BC. apparently I can road test today if I wanted to for time served in Alberta(I neglected to mention to them I have been behind a wheel exactly twice if you include once at the go-carts)
Did you know you are no longer allowed to smile in pictures- All this after I had 7 teeth removed so that I can smile properly. Artist recreation of expected license other than a yellow piece of paper below.

I also decided Colben was ready for a jolly jumper. If I could drive he could sure as hell bounce! No artistic recreation due to lack of photos probably because when we put him in it the first time he screamed like a banshee and we needed to figure out how to undo the 3 waist safety devices to get him out.

After my triumph at the DMV I was not discourage by a bit of crying, Colben was ready, ready for something new (We've given up on him rolling over)
Rice cereal it is! Victory is ours aand we are going to post as many pictures of him eating as we want.

All done


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Good stuff, eh Colben?

Nana said...

I LOVE rice pablum - it tastes great! Apparently Colben like it too!

Your dad was saying what a terrific smile you have, Mischa. (See picture of you and Colben in the pool).

Colben's nana, Mischa's Mom, and Adam's #1 fan.

Laurie said...

Love the last photo!