Saturday, November 21, 2009

23 weeks old!

Colben has had a growth spurt big time. he now weighs 18lbs 8 oz and is 27 inches tall. This puts our boy who started out so tiny in the 70-90th percentile range. We are raising a giant!....for now

Getting ready for Colben's 1st Shaw Christmas Party

Waiting for Santa

Colben's present from Santa (photo with Santa was professionally done and will be given to us later

Yum fist

You want some?

Playing with his new non-educational toy which he LOVES

Colben's new boots- all ready for winter!

We went to the multiiples parent group children sale and got Colben a toy bar, and some socks and THANK GOD we found a size large baby wrap as he has out grown his

This is the knited blanket I`ve designed for myself

This is how far I`ve gotten in the last couple of days. I think this going to be one of those "only-once" kind of projects. Notice underneath a couple of pics we finally got a new rug to cover our awful carpet

Please be advised no babies were harmed in the making of this movie. We were lying on a foamy and Colben rolled on his own freewill.


sandra/mom/grandma said...

How did the visit with Santa go? Did Colben cry? Santa can be a scary guy!

Those are the cutest boots ever!

Good job rolling Colben! Looks like fun!

Love Ya

Mischa & Adam said...

Colben was not scared of Santa at all. He just wanted to eat Santa's beard.

sandra/mom/grandma said...