Saturday, November 7, 2009

21 weeks old!

Pee blanky is a success although I must say I have a new respect for quilters as what was to be a simple project turned into a nightmare curtosey of the plastic inner liner and my lack of planning. I did change the outer trim because I wasn't happy with the colour of the fabric.

Colben took to it right away and so did daddy

Soon Colben showed his appreciation by christening it with pee

Blair witch baby

Colben was pretty tired after the play, peeing and witching- it was a rough day.


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Pee blanky! What a cool idea! Better make sure Colben is on his tummy every time he lays (and pees) naked on it. lol

And Lily, don't you get any ideas!!

Laurie said...

Oh HOW cute is he! I cannot wait to meet the little munchkin at Christmas =)

Love the blanket...You are so very talented Mischa!

Much love & Kisses