Saturday, November 14, 2009

22 weeks old! (5 months)

Wow I can't beleive Colben is already 5 months. Colben is biting and drooling everything in reach. He is still trying to roll over but he just can't get the last part of the twist right (his feet remain stationary while everyting else goes to the side). He is briefly sitting up (5-10sec) and is extremly vocal. He shrieks when is happy he shreiks when he is mad he shrieks when he is tired, he shreiks when is hungry.I should say shreiks and squeals. His nails grow at a speed unheard of to man and are sharp as razors. the other day he had 3 scrathes down the side of his face like Freddie Krueger or Wolverine and this is the day after I cut them.

Adam and I got the H1N1 vax and wow does it hurt the the second day. Why don't they tell you that! Colben won't have his until he is 6months and a 2nd dose 2 weeks later but at least we will know to give him a pain killer because it sucks.

For those thinking of Clothes for Christmas. Colben is now into 6 months clothes, size 2 shoes if you are thinking of getting the next size up- we love one piece rompers like the one below and sleepers in cotton. We just bought his Christmas day outfit- it is sooo cute.

Now not really sure for toys- stuff he can interact with and easily hold as of right now but his skill level changes every day. No more stuffed animals please- we have way too many! And we would prefer no cartoon character stuff (winnie the poo, Mickey Mouse etc)

On the boring pratical side he will need a high chair soon but like other gear I am a bit picky. I would rather get a really nice one used then a new one I don't love as it is going to be a part of our lives for many years and hopefully kids.

Please know whatever he receives he and we will be very grateful and don't overlook used items. Manhattan toys are his favorite and we always get them used and clean them because no one in their right mind would pay 20$ for a teething toy. We have no problem at all with used items.

Colben has already shown to be hooked on one tv show (what an addict). Any time we pass the show "the night Garden " he is enthralled. It is a BBC show somewhere along the line of teletubbies, not much speaking, more like sounds and songs, and british man narrates. It is in between creepy and interesting. Check it out on youtube.

happy birthday auntie Mikael!

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