Monday, January 26, 2009

19 weeks pregnant!

Monday January 26th,
Big shout out to dad (Grandpa Simpson)- Happy Birthday!

Well we went to the ultrasound today and the results are in- We are having a baby! 147 BPM. I thought I saw some nuts and bolt but apparently girl parts look the same-ish in an ultrasound sooooo team green!
Today we started our gift registry, too many decisions. We will need to get it together another day because today was way overwhelming. Belly shot is at the very end of today's post

Anyways here are the picks with our interpatations for your viewing pleasure:

**Mischa's after note on the nuts and bolts- aparently the 3 lines I saw that I thought were boy parts have been associated with girl parts.....and boy parts. I will stop obsessing publicly now as it I am 1/2 way there to finding out. Yay- 20 more weeks. Adam has also informed me I am not an ultrasound technician.***

Wednesday January 28th,
It is like Christmas!!!!! My diapers are here!!!! And a possible lead on the zooper stroller for cheap.

Friday January 30th,
I woke up to an 4.5 earthquake at 5:30 this morning although I thought it was all a dream until confirmed later that morning. We now have a major wind storm passing through. By major I mean it was strong enough to push a pregnant lady along.

here is what it looks like inside right now:

PS Holy swollen feet Batman! my ankles have a roll and as of this morning my boots suddenly don't fit thanks to water retension. Not my fancy boots-they haven't fit in weeks but my big comfy purple boots I bought for exactly his reason :(

Saturday January 31st
Well we bit the bullet and settled on a stroller which we got in amazing shape used. Although it is not "pretty" it has amazing features and is definitely what we need. Boring pictures to follow...


Mischa & Adam said...

Very nice baby, if anyone needs to see more detail, please double click on the picture.

Wade said...

Looks comfy. Man, those were the days: Floating around all day in a perfectly dark room with food going straight into your stomach. Twenty-four years later and I find myself sleeping in a bedroom of three degrees centigrade. Where did I go wrong? And did you ever think that at some point in the future you would be poring over a hazy image in search of infantile genitalia?

Mischa said...

Time to buy some more touyu Wade. The stench of kerosene bedamned, there is nothing like a freezing toilet in the morning.
It is rather disturbing that the name of the gender shot is called "the toilet-shot" amongst professionals.

mom/sandra/grandma said...

What a beautiful baby! I love the way you have outlined body parts. Makes it much easier to know what I'm looking at!
Mischa don't pay any attention to the heart rate Dr. said Wade was a girl due to his fast rate!
Love the pictures!!

Mischa's Mom said...

Aren't you glad there aren't eight little ones inside? Can you imagine raising 6 kids age 2 to 7, then bringing home 8 more????? (e.g. woman who had octoplets in the USA)

Gee, too bad about the swollen ankles - probably a Simpson thing (eg. from Grandma Dorothy) I don't recall ever having swollen ankles . . . .

Any ideas for names - bsides Junebug?

Mischa said...

We have names picked out but no comment. Everyone will need to wait to find out as it is a surprise. Everyone will have to be happy with the names we picked (at least to our faces) because by then it will be too late to change them :o)

Mischa's mom said...

Actually, that is a great idea! Gosh - we had so much trouble naming you. My original choice was Alicea Stephanie Simpson - but of course, that would never do.

And everyone wanted to have you named after someone in the family.

Well, you know my opinion on names. The names you are given at birth are the ones you use until you are old enough to select your own name. ^-^