Sunday, January 18, 2009

18 weeks pregnant

The. belly. is. HUGE!
How freaking big is it going to get when my uterus pops forward!
total 6lbs gained (3lbs lost in last week- why, I don't know)

Tuesday January 20,
Today sucked big time. My bladder was being blocked by my uterus and I couldn`t pee. The midwife told me a bunch of exercises to help make my uterus come forward and I had to call them back in 5 hours. Well the exercises didn't work and this evening my midwives decided that it was time for a catheter. Screw a home Birth I had a home catheter- something most women don't get to experience until well into their last years! Lucky me.
Junebug you better appreciate this....
Well I am to continue exercises and with an empty bladder hopefully the uterus will move forward.

Wednesday January 21st,
Well I am home today to do my exrcises all day to make sure I don't need another catheter tonight. I would just like to say now that I am past the drama of my first catheter that I am soooo greatful that we are using a midwife. Readers: try to remember the last time your doctor did a house supper time! I am so impressed. Julia (MW) called me first thing this morning to check up on me. I am lucky to have a doctor's update after 2 weeks! In this rant I think we need to reevaluate the kind health care we would like. I realize it is highly unlikely to change and we are very fortunate to have any healthcare in Canada but midwifes show that maybe we should consider alternative ways to practice as an option.

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Mischa's mom said...

I did comment! but I guess it didn't take.

Anyway, too bad about the catheter - have things improved this week?

Regarding health care, the cost of our health care is just under $1200 a month. Luckily, the college covers most of the cost, but if I were to become unemployed or leave my job - well, just really appreciate the Canadian health care system.