Sunday, January 11, 2009

17 weeks pregnant

Belly is looking smaller?

Monday January 12th

Baby is on the move-all around my tummy! I ordered my cloth diaper kit in size 2 (10-22lbs). I decided that the newborn size might not have as much use as word on the street (cloth diaper forums) is to use disposables for the first couple "fun" weeks as newborn poo is the worst to get off cloth diapers. The diapers (not yet sewn) should be here in 2 weeks! I got the primary colour kit and added olive to the palette.

On Saturday we are picking up our crib in Duncan. Both sides come down & we will refinish it in a mod black and white. I figure the baby won't remember it's nursery theme and I will be spending a lot of time there so it should look like somewhere I want to hang out except it is full of too small clothes and age-inappropriate toys.No pastels for Junebug's room--> A modern black and white with green accents, sprinkled with toys. White isn't cool with the baby set anymore so it is easy to get furniture used very cheap and bonus -I hear black doesn't show poo, food, juice stains!!!!

On Thursday Adam and I are off to the midwife.


Tuesday January 13th

bruschetta, hummus, tzaziki- the holy trinity of dips with pita and a balanced meal.

Thursday January 15th,
TMI warning. Today Adam and I went to the midwife. My uterus is measuring 19cm which is couple weeks ahead but no big deal. My bladder is pretty sore. My uterus is retroverted and has not straightned its self out yet. The midwife says it should happen by the 20th week at which point I will "pop". Until then it is lying directly on my bladder which makes it feel bruised and requires me to pee a zillion times a day. Another result of the retroverted (tilted) uterus is it makes it difficult to hear the heartbeat when the baby decides to retreat to the back. This time at the midwifes again I heard the dreaded words "Have you noticed if you are still having pregnancy symptoms" as the midwife keeps searching for a heatbeat. Finally she found the baby doing fine at 150bpm. (OLD WIFES TALE ALERT: over 140BPM a girl. DOCTOR VOICE OF REASON ALERT: The only difference between the sexes happens AFTER the onset of labour)
Other than that all is well. Had a big run around to get our used stuff. We picked up about 20 pairs of fitted cloth diapers free in amazing condition, a mobile (I am taking of the teddy bears and add graphic images), an infant car seat (up to 20lbs), some sleepers and a baby bjorn carrier in case I end up not liking the sling. I am finding a lot of free paterns for stuff to sew but I'll start with the diapers before I jump into anything else.

Saturday January 17th,
We are off to Duncan today to pick up our crib and get paint supplies for it. See you later

Well we got the crib and the first coat is on. I am also getting our mobile ready . We picked up a baby-signs kit at liquidation world today for super cheap- 15$. We hope that using the baby signs in conjuction raising he or she bilingual will give them an opportunity to comunicate earlier on.
I must say despite how it might seem I am a thrifty/cheap mom. So far I think we have spent under a $150. The big ticket item will be the stroller used or not.

I will take a picture of the crib once it is all dry tomorrow. Keep in mind we still have to buy a mattress for it so it is going to look a little off.

Baby is very, very active today. We went to Boston Pizza to celebrate Adams promotion and I think Junebug likes pizza.

Well time for Supper.

Sunday January 18th,

Well here is the crib painted:


Mischa's Mom said...

Well, the bump looks lower . . .

Mischa's Mom said...

Using cloth diapers is a great idea - I went to the website and realize these are not just any diapers - these are designer diapers! $90 a dozen and you get to sew them too! I am sure you realize you will need another 2 dozen 'cause you are very likely to go through 8 diapers each day. so you need a 8 for today, 8 for tomorrow (just in case!) and 16 in the laundry (2 days worth).

Black and white and green does sound very modern - so I guess you don't want the bunnikins diaper holder I made for you when you were a baby - or the Peter Rabbit carpet :-)

Auntie M. said...

Congratulations on the baby.....when did you change your name from Alicea?

Mischa said...

Mom- we have regular diapers as well. These are the first AIO's (all in ones) I am making so we wanted the kits for ease and if we like the pattern I will source the cheapest materials next round. The diapers work out to by 7$ each as opposed to 20-30$ and they have a high re-sale value where as chinese folds(old-school diapers) have none unless you want to wash the car with them. :o)

sandra/mom/grandma said...

I remember that wonderful feeling when the baby would move! Except at 4:00 a.m. when Bret would decide to practice for the team! Wait until you see a little foot print on your tummy!
Adam it sounds like you've got it all figured out. Does the book help?
Greatgrandma Still has started knitting. She has a box as big as a washing machine full of yarn.We picked out the perfect color for the blanket all the grand and greatgrand babies receive from her.
Don't pastels to be found.

Love to All, Mom