Thursday, January 1, 2009

15 weeks Pregnant!

Rocking the full panel 5 hours short of 15 weeks:

Monday Dec 29
Off work, Shopping!

Tuesday Dec 30th
Off work, downloading music

Wednesday Dec 31st
Back to much stuff to do at work.

Thursday Jan 1 2009
Happy New Year!


Mischa's Mom said...

Happy New Year to you, Mischa, Adam, Lily, Calim,and lil' junebug!

I tried to order junebug a special rose for delivery in the spring. I have ordered "Happy Child" for many newly arrived babies. I can get it from Hortico in Ontario - but it's $24 just to ship the rose! And it's such a lovely rose - great in a large pot and very fragrant. hummmm . . . Well, I will see if I can find another distributer of David Austin roses on the westcoast.

Laurie&Bryn said...

Mischa's Mom- As I was updating myself on baby junebug I noticed this comment. I know of a wholesaler directly in Victoria that distributes that exact rose shrub to local flowershops. The "Happy Child" Deep Yellow Austin (Shrub) should be easily ordered through any floral shop directly in Victoria. The distributers name is The Victoria Rose Club and an excellent flower shop right in Victoria is Flower Affairs check out there webpage or call them direct to speak to a designer which might be easier Toll Free: 866-479-8166
Local: 250-479-8166
It will save you on the shipping plus your gaurenteed to get it fresh and looking beautiful.
Hopefully this helps