Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 weeks old!

June 28th,

Colben was a little monster last night. Exploding diapers, unwillingness to sleep and a shrill cry for 4.5hours are the charges he stands accused of. He is currently sucking up to the judge and jury by batting his baby blues and general sweetness. We will see what tonight holds for us.

I have made a decision- I am cutting off all my hair. It is getting in the way when I am nursing, pumping or holding Colben (which is basically every minute of the day). Hel-lo mom-cut!

June 30th,
Here is the mom-cut. I couldn't look when she did the big cut but I am happy with the results

A face only a mother (and father) could love:

Baby's first walk in his stroller

EWWWWW Colben has thrush and has passed it to me resulting in him having a disgusting white mouth and me with very sore breasts- Lucky for us we have a midwifes appointment tomorrow.

Wednesday July 1,
Canada Day and 18days old

Today was a busy day! We started out at Toys r us and did a big splurge on a baby swing. It was ridiculous to set up- I have never seen such bad directions but we final got it up tonight.

After Toys R'us it was off to the midwife's. Colben does not have thrush- thank goodness. He is still arounfd 7lbs and the midwife has put me on some medication to help with milk supply as it has been dwindling the last week despite more than sufficiant feeding and pumping.

we picked up my prescription and headed for our last stop in Duncan. We picked up our fancy breast pump. The one we were using sounded like an old deisel truck where as the new one is like a hybrid car. It is awesome! It takes 1/2 the time to pump.

Colben is pretty fussy tonight but I think it is because he slept all day in the car.

Thursday July 2nd,
18 days old

Crisis- The nipple shield got lost last night. It is this awful translucent silicone nipple sheild which has an amazing ability to camoflauge into any surroundings. This is a BIG issue because Colben will not nurse without it except the very odd time and I am now pumping (which doesn't yield as much as nursing)just to feed not reserving any for later tonight which is when Adam feeds him so I can sleep. We are just waiting for the store to open at 11am so that we can get some new ones.

Colben's sweet new ride
Sooooo you're not taking him back?
Yes there is a baby in there. This is how I get the dishes done


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Ah, yes those nights where you just want to pull your hair out because NOTHING you do will settle the baby.
I do not miss those!

I think you should rethink cutting your hair Mischa. You have beautiful hair! Tie it up to keep it out of the way.

Oh and resist the urge to pull it out when Colben is bad. That would definitely not be a good look! lol

He looks like a darling little angel in the pictures where he is sleeping! :)

See you soon!

Love Mom

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nana, and Adam's #1 fan said...

hummmmm . . . cutting your hair? this is the girl who spent a fortune on hair extensions 'cause her hair took so long to grow? I think you might try putting your hair in a pony tail first. Making decisions after a night with a crying baby might not be the best plan.

Now - I totally sympathize regarding the crying. I am sure you remember Miki as a baby. All I could do was nurse her and rock her - that was it. If Miki was awake she was crying. Nothing else was done. But I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty that dust was accumulating or that meals weren't cooked. And I hope you don't either.

As far as I have been able to figure out - the key is to sleep whenever the baby sleeps - regardless of the time of day. A well-rested Mom makes everyone happy. ^_^

Colben is not bad - but he is having to get used to (1) gravity, (2) a body that now is making new demands, (3) limited communication skills, (4) and a body that will be constantly changing proportion. Honestly, babies have to be geniuses to deal with all of this. Why, I would be in tears as well if I had to deal with as much all at once!

Anytime you feel you need a "time out" you can always call us - we are quite happy to listen as you debrief and destress - and we promise just to listen and sympathize. ^_^

Love, Mom

Mischa Simpson said...

haircut was something I wanted to do last fall but I didn't want to cut my hair while I was pregnant due to the swollen face. It is fried from my shoulders down. I am going to get an inverted bob- long in front short in back

Mischa's mom, Colben's Nana, Adam's #1 fan said...

Sort of like Posh from the Spice Girls? (I know she has a real name and that she is married to an English soccer player that moved to the States.)

I bet it would look good on you ^_^

Is Colben being especially precocious today to make up for last night?

Mischa & Adam said...

similar but minus bobblehead and implants(although I would love to learn how to walk in heels that high)

I still want to have stylish hair but my own takes over an hour to do right now which is n ot an option. Adam is super excited for me to cut it too.

sandra/mom/grandma said...

It is your hair and you will look beautiful no matter what you do with it! Right Adam!?

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nanna, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Good morning . . .so what are the chances of getting some new photos of you, Mischa?

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nanna, and Adam's #1 fan said...

You do look beautiful! The hair cut really suits you. Adam looks handsome, as usual. And Colben looks like a 2 week old baby. ^_^

Love the stroller - what a nice Daddy to take Colben for a walk.

Poor Colben - poor Mischa . . . let's hope the midwife has a quick and easy treatment . . .

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Love the new do Mischa! You look great.

What an interesting pic of Colben. Wonder what he was thinking at the time? :)

Adam you look very natural pushing that stroller. Being a great Dad will come easy to you!

See you all on Saturday.

Love, Mom

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nanna, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Happy Canada Day!

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nanna, and Adam's #1 fan said...

I am sooo happy that you bought the swing. and hurray for Colben passing the 7 pound mark ^_^

Imagine, Colben - you are 19 days old today . . . translate that into years and you can go into a bar! I think for now you should be content with Mom's milk bar ^_^

Mischa's Mom, Colben said...

Happy 3 week birthday, Colben - see, Nana is paying attention.

Well, in 11 days we start our trek across the continent.

We can hardly wait to meet you in person. Give Mom and Dad a smile for us.

Love Nana Beth

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nana, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Well, actually Colben didn't say anything . . . I hit the wrong key.

Laurie said...

Mischa- I love love love you're new hair cut! It is so trendy and looks beautiful on you. Motherhood has given you such a beautiful glow- I love it! Hope you are enjoying grandma stills & Ken's company..I wish Byrn and I could have come to visit!
Miss you & Take care