Monday, July 6, 2009

3 weeks old!

Monday July 7th,
We are a couple days behind. Grandma Still arrived on Saturday and yesterday we went out to Cowichan Bay and Duncan. More later.

Tuesday July 8th,
Not going to lie- today sucked.Colben is no longer growing slow or maintaining his weight. Colben has lost weight not gained despite going through an awful 24 hour cure(absolute bedrest with the baby- skin on skin contact) and taking domperidone. Julia has gotten us a rush appointment with Dr Spratt tomorrow, one of two doctors that specialize in lactation in Southern Vancouver Island. She says that we have tried everything and it is time to go to the next step which is Dr. Spratt. In the meantime Julia wants us to start topping up right away with formula and breastmilk after each feeding by bottle. So we have gone out and bought the formula and a bottle. Colben took to that specific bottle right away. I tried another one and no luck. One more thing to buy. Man formula stinks, by that I mean it smells bad. I will secretly admit it is kinda nice feeding with a bottle, breast milk or formula- there is no pressure that Colben isn`t latching, trying to find a nipple shield, I know how much he is getting and it is relaxing. Our 4-5 hour sleep block has been cancelled effective immediately (feeding every 2-2.5hours 24hours a day) so Adam and I may be a bit zombie-ish for a while longer. Oh did I forget to mention I need to pump more. Julia is being very supportive and she says Dr Spratt may have different recommendations and to follow them. The ones above have been put into place to ensure he is getting calories immediately.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have someone buying the homebirth kit we didn`t use, My surgical consult, the Lactition Dr and Ethan is having his surgery. It may be a day or two until I can get back to the blog.

Thursday July 9th,
Quick one- baby is waking. Teeth ARE coming out- all 7 of them. Need to pump more. Getting baby fed is priority bottle or breast doesn't matter. Colben is now refusing the breast and is getting milk via bottle. Will deal with that once he is up to weight and and my milk supply is well established. Colben is much more content in general now that he isn't starving. His poops and pees are ENORMOUS now.

Friday July 10th,
My child is a monster! When we went to the Dr's for a follow up today he went from
7lbs2.5oz to 7lbs 11oz in TWO DAYS! Normal weekly gain is 7 oz- he gained 8.5oz. This is great news stemmied only by the fact that Colben will only take the bottle now and the Dr says I need to pump every 2 hours to increase supply for a minimum 10 days.

Today Grandma Still went home and I will miss the extra hands and I know she was sad to leave Colben.

Colben took his first bus ride today- travelling is messy. I came home with spit up down my front, pee in my lap and sweat on my brow.


Misha's Mom, Coben's Nana, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Excellent! You are going to a specialist. I am sure that will sort things out.

Why is Ethan having surgery? Nothing serious I hope.

Hang in there.

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nana, Adam's #1 fan said...

I assume you are referring to your teeth . . . .???

Glad to hear that Colbin is packing on the ounces - why, he is pushing 8 lbs!

Still - pumping every 2 hours for 10 is a big committment. Alas, I won't be able to help out until we arrive August 4. Of course, if there is an emergency I can fly out tomorrow, if necessary.

I have bought a cell phone. I will send you the number to your personal email.