Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 week old

Sunday June 21st, 9 days old Today is fathers day and and daddy Adam's pseudo present is I let him sleep through the night instead of getting up to help me. I wish I could take him out today to let him know what a good job he is doing but I am being confined to the couch today. Yesterday I found out I had an unexpected "side effect from birth" (moms you can ask me directly-TMI) and I need to stay resting. It is hard because I like to go out everyday but recovery is going backwards not forwards and possibly because I haven't been relaxing. Colben is doing fine. He is alert more and more each day. He is so funny when he tries to focus on our face. What looks he gives us. We have our first mama and daddy trick up our sleave! Colben calms down and sleeps to the sound of our very very very noisy breast pump. This pump is so noisy that when the tv is at full blast you can barely hear it and weve got a Sony. :o) The last 2 nights when he was fussy we put him down with the motor part of the pump running- instant success. We now have him on a tiny feeding tube for the pumped milk which is a lot less messy than the syringe and less intrusive for Colben when we use the finger suck. Speaking of sucking I swear to god after a few rough nights a pacifier looks good, real good. Then in the morning I remind myself that they shouldn't be introduced until after 1 month and at that point he may not need it. I is amazing how quickly we are swayed to go against our "views" when faced with a crabby baby. Spine of a jellyfish.

Monday, June 22nd Day 10

Thursday June 25th,
Day 12
Sorry about the lack of posting but the site has been up and down.
Here is the catch up:

Tuesday I went to the 0-4 month baby class at Mothering Touch. It was pretty informative on what is to come. I felt a little out of place as the momies were either yoga practicing yuppies or yoga practicing hippies. Either way I am pretty sure they all do yoga and I don't bend that way :o)
Tuesday was also my due date which was kinda weird.

Wednesday we had our midwife appointment. Colben is a big boy now! He weighs 7lbs which is only 1/2 a lb lighter than the average newborn. Because he is now putting on about 100g a day I get to sleep!!!! our new schedule is as follows:

12am feed (me weekdays, dad weekend)
2:30am feed & supplement & pump
LET BABY SLEEP for 4-5 hours max (YESSSS!)
6:30-7:30am (max) baby wakes up and feed/pump
9:30am feed/pump
12:00 pm feed/pump
2:30 pm feed/pump
5:00 pm feed/pump/supplement
7:30 pm feed-
8:30pm Mischa go to bed
9:30pm Adam feeds

The public health nurse for Esquimalt also stopped by and we set out a plan for weaning Colben off the nipple shield. We received a care package and the next timed wse see her it will be for Colben`s imunizations.

Today is Adam and my 8 year aniversary. Auntie Diane will watch Colben for a bit while we quickly go out for dinner. Colben slept from 3:30-7am so I am feeling good relatively speaking.

Friday June 26th,
Day 13
Today we went out and got a bit of shopping done. This time I actually paid attention to my body and we went home when it was too much. We weighed Colben today and he is 100g lighter than Wednesday's weight and 300g behind his expected weight for today. I am going to reintroduce some of his top-ups tomorrow if his weight then confirms what we saw today.

Awkward but funny moment today:
In Walmart a lady told her baby "look blah blah blah... that lady has a baby in her tummy"! I promptly got the cart from Adam that had Colben in it (not with out a few swears under my breath) and pushed it past her making sure she saw the baby was now OUT of my tummy. She got the hell out of there pretty fast.....Awkward

Here is a cute picture from today:


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Happy Fathers Day Adam!

Love Mom

Mischa's mom, Corben's nana, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Gee - I tried to get both you and Miki to use a pacifier and you both refused! Both of you also refused to use a bottle - but it sure made weaning you to a cup easy.

Anyway, Corben is just mewling now - wait a month or two when he can REALLY yell ^_^

Laurie said...

I love the new photos!!! Colben is just sooooo adorable =)
Keep the photos coming I bet you already have a zillion!

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Great photo shoot Colben! You are a star!!

I bet you're starting to take everything in with those beautiful big eyes!

See you in 12 sleeps!

Love, Grandma Still

Anonymous said...

If Colben is weighing in the 7 lb range, I am sure he is doing fine. Honestly, I think your schedule is rather overwhelming . . . I say, sleep a LOT more - and nurse Colben whenever he cries (on schedule or not) - he will soon gain weight, nursing will be easier, and you get more sleep. Taking care of yourself,Mischa, is the best way to take care of Colben.

As for the yoga divas - well, you might be like your Dad, Mischa - limited flexibility. Those early classes are great - I remember going when you were a baby, and they really were informative. I remember learning about giving babies water -not juice - as a supplement

Anyway, I highly recommend them - and the Mommy and Me classes as babies get older. You will get lots of support and learn lots of tricks for various problems.

Hi Adam - thanks for taking good care of our girl, and our little guy. ^_^

Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nana, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Happy Two-week birthday, Colben, you little sweetie.

Now - stop worrying your mom and dad. Let them get some sleep - and you put on a little weight before your poor mom gets the heebie-geebies.

Honestly, once you put on some weight, Mom will sleep more - and I bet she will be a lot more fun. ^_^ And when Mommy is more fun, Daddy is happier too. You do want Daddy to be happy, right?

So, here is the deal - make each nursing last a few more minutes. If you do this, Mommy will drop the tube feeding thing. And she will produce soooo much good breast milk, you will be swimming in it. And then, Mommy won't have to wake you up to feed you. Honestly, parents fret so much about trying to get babies to sleep - then they deliberately wake you little guys up . . . go figure. As if you didn't know when you were hungry hahahah.

Oh well, I guess it proves how much Mommy and Daddy love you that they go through all this extra work. Wanna bet they don't bother with baby #2 - assuming they will eventually want baby #2.

Hummmmmm. . . maybe you are a master-mind baby! Maybe you have already figured out that if you make these first few weeks really challenging for Mommy and Daddy, that they will NEVER have another baby and you will have them all to yourself. Well, if you think that - maybe you should have a talk with Lily. . . . ^_^

Of course, it works the other way as well. Your mommy was a wonderful baby - so good, in fact, I was convinced I would never be so lucky as to have another baby so angelic. I was right. Your Auntie Miki was a nightmare. If I had her first, I DEFINTELY would never had another child. But, she did grow up to be a rather pleasant person, so I am glad she is here.

Well, what are you doing to celebrate 14 days on this planet? I planted trumpet lily seedlings this morning; I have to wait until next year, alas, to buy your rose. It will be "Alex's Red" a red tea rose will an outstanding scent. Not sure yet where in the garden I will place it....

Okay, back to what you might do today to celebrate - maybe you could look directly at Daddy with those blue peepers of yours and give him a real smile (not a grimance, Daddy will just think you passed wind). Or maybe you could show Mommy what a big boy you are by nursing extra long - that would be great!

Anyway, enjoy the day, Colben - and let Mommy and Daddy know that Grandpa Dave and Nana Beth are thinking of them ^_^