Monday, June 15, 2009

Colben Hunter Thorhaug is born

A child is born! 10 days early our son Colben Hunter Thorhaug arrived on Saturday June 13th, 2009 at 5:50pm. He weighed at birth 6lbs 14oz, and was 20" long. Mom and Colben arrived home today from the hospital and are both healthy but a bit tired. Please understand if we don't answer the phone that mom, dad, and babe are resting and spending time together this week before 2 months of visitors start. Next week we will do our best to update the blog with the birth story and call you all back. For now here are some pictures to wet your appetite.
Tuesday June 16th,
day 3

Wednesday June 17th
Day 4
Yesterday I was on a very strict every 2.5 hour feeding schedule (which means a max of 1.5 hrs of sleep at a time) because Colben is losing a little more than the usual. He has a tiny, tiny mouth that won't latch on a mountain until he grows a bit bigger. I spent a long time at home with the Midwife in an attempt to make it work yesterday. (this is why I love my MW) Eventually her recommendation is to temporarily use a nipple shield so that he didn't lose anymore weight. This allowed him to latch and finally sleep like other newborns after feeding. IT. WAS. AWESOME.
Today we will be out for a couple hours. I have an appointment with the Lactation Specialist which will be a BIG help. Nipple shields are helpful but a pain in the ass and not a long term solution. Next stop will be getting a nursing bra that fits. I just measured and I am a conservative E38 so far! (sorry - lots of exclamation marks but really....E38?)
After that I think we might pick up one outfit for Colben if I am still feeling up to it. I didn't allow myself to buy any "new" outfits for Colben during pregnancy because he might of ended up with a pink romper so I am really excited to use the Gift Card Jean got me. More pictures with our daily photo shoot later of course.

June 18th, 2009

Enough already with the pics :o)You grandmothers are ruthless. We are a bit busy with schedule feedings, sleeping in between and running errands and attending appointmenta. all we have are these 6 pics- don't complain.
new shoes
Lily wondering when thesmall cryibg thing is leaving
Colben's first bath

Our Mw Julia weighing Colben
Friday June 19th,
day 6
Adam is the swaddle king. He is in charge of it as it is perfect when he does it

today kinda sucked (no pun) Midwife came and Colben is not gaining back his weight in the expected timeline so we are now feeding, pumping, then feeding any pumped milk by syringe every 2.5 hours. hopefufully this will help. Julia left us her scale so that we can weigh him everyday. The pump I have is not made for full time use and the rentals for the good ones are expensive so I am not thrilled but I cannot wait to see a plump Colben


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Hello Colben, welcome to the world. It's Grandma Still in Calgary. I must say you are by far the cutest baby ever! And I'm not saying that just because I am your Grandma! :)

You now have a lot of work ahead of you. You need to grow bigger and stronger every day, and give your mommy and daddy hours of pleasure. I know you can do this!

I will see you in a couple of weeks. I am ready to give your mommy and daddy lots of advice on raising little boys (if they want) because I have had lots of practice. lol

Love to Colben, Adam, Mischa, Callum & Lily from Grandma Still

Shandel said...

K hoping 4th times the charm on this it keeps erroring out but I am determined to have the post next to Grandma she must be a happy mom is jealous Im sure of it! at first sight and hes not even mine! You guys make cute babies! I knew it!

Beautiful name, beautiful baby, beautiful family!

I guess you didnt get your home birth but my oh my what a finished product.

You guys and little Colben look amazing and happy....its a beautiful sight.

Get ahold of me when youre rested up....

Love and happiness to the whole family!

Mischa's mom and Colben's Nanna said...

Just a thought . . . I spent the first six weeks alone with Mischa after she was born. David had to return to work (which was hundreds of miles away from where we lived). I knew nobody in Kamloops, and no relative could spare any time to visit. Grandma Dorothy was working at the time, and other relatives were too busy.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Coping with new parenthood, crying babies, and recovering from pregnancy and birth in isolation is not wise.

Through most of human history, babies are born into villiages, into clans, into extended families. Young parents are surrounded by people - friends and kin who do not expect to be entertained, but expect to be called upon to help the young parents. This means doing all the "heavy lifting" and mundane chores, while the young mother gets her equillibrium back. Her job is to get back to physical health and emotional well-being. The father's job is to be supportive of the mother and to adjust to his new role as parent.

Others can step in to tend to fussing babies, so wash the dishes, to do the laundry, etc.

Young parents should relax and let others take on their responsibilities to the new family. It is only in our strange culture, where we fixate on the nuclear family that we lay such huge burdens on just two people. Wiser cultures understand it takes a villiage to raise a child.

Colben has been blessed with parents who are conscientious and devoted. Only Mischa and Adam know how to raise a child that they can live with. But the rest of us can support them in their efforts most by limiting our demands on Mischa and Adam while they are adjusting to the new world of parenting, and by stepping up to the plate by helping with the background stuff that they shouldn't have to focus on right now.

This might mean sitting quietly reading a book, while Mischa and Colben sleep. Or it might mean rocking Colben when he is fussy, so Mischa and Adam can go for a walk with Lily.

I guess I am suggesting we try to be helpful without being intrusive. Those of us who have had the experience of being new parents will understand. ^_^

I know we all want what is best for this new family and everyone wants to help in any way possible. ^_^

. . . I suppose I just stated the obvious, but I thought it was worth mentioning . . .

Mischa's mom, whose been there, done that . . .

P.S. Thanks for the pictures, Adam. Gosh, Colben is a cute little dickens!

Aunty Diane said...

I love you Colben! If Mommy and Daddy say no, come ask Aunty Diane!! Ha! Just kidding Mischa and Adam...........

Aunty Diane said...

I just wanted to say that Mischa did such a good job with her contractions while we were at home for the early labour and part of the active. When the though of the hospital came up she stayed with us at home for an extra two hours before we decided it was time to go. So Mischa for that you are a strong woman cause if it were me there would have not been two more hours I would have left right away! I love you and admire you for sticking through it that bit longer. But damn those drugs realy help hey!!!

maya said...

Welcome to the world lovely man!!! You are a very lucky boy to have such amazing parents and i cannot wait to meet you.
Big love to you all,

Maya xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ps. Mischa I am SO proud of you!

Bret Thorhaug / Uncle said...

Congratulations you guys, He is so cute! I can't wait to spoil him rotten. Best wishes, Love Uncle Bret.XOXO

Mischa's Mom and Colben's Nana said...

Hi Colben,

I LOVE the pictures of you with Daddy! And the one on Mommy's tummy. (Well, all the pictures, actually!)

Thanks again to Daddy for the great pictures.

Colben - you look so sweet, all snuggly in the baby sling. ^_^

Here is hoping that you, Mommy, and Daddy are getting some rest.

P.S. I think your Mommy's friend, Diane is right - your Mommy certainly has tenacity!

Give Daddy and Mommy a smile for me.

Nana Beth

Nana Beth and Mischa's mom said...

So, Nana Beth is a slow learner! I just figured out that I can click on any picture in this blog and enlarge it AND I can right click and save the picture to my hardrive.

So . . . I will have to go back through all the pictures and save all of them! I have started a file just for Colben - but now I have to start another file for Colben-in-the-making!

Mischa's mom said...

hummmm . . . Colben is FIVE days old - and no new pictures posted . . . sigh.

Okay. I am not supposed to bug you, right? So, I am restraining myself . . . BUT, gosh, Colben is such a cute little bug - when you have a moment, can Adam please post more pictures?

Colben's Nana ^_^

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Hi Colben. Remember me, I talked to you on the phone last night.You probably didn't hear me as you were crying. Boy that's a sound I've forgotten! It was a thrill just to hear you!

I have your pictures on my desktop at work and show everybody that comes into my office. They all agree that you are adorable!

Speaking of pictures, I have to agree with Nana Beth, we need more!
Not to put any pressure on you two. It's not like you aren't busy enough! lol

Can't wait to see you and hold you Colben.

Love and kisses,
Grandma Still

sandra/mom/grandma said...


Poor Lily. I will bring her something special when I come.

What does Callum think of all this fuss?


Misch'a's mom and Colben's Nana Beth said...

Thanks for the pic fix!