Monday, April 27, 2009

32 weeks

Monday April 27th,
Mischa's baby

Adam's babies

6 more sleeps till shower, baby shower I mean.

Wednesday April 29th,
Damn you midwife. We did not talk about the birth home or hospital. Today we talked about my 1.5L a day addiction to milk which I must now cut out of my life because I am looking "puffy" and she is "concerned" about my high weight gain. Is milk not good for you???????? Apparently it is contributing to my raising blood pressure and fat swollen feet as well. Is there anything good about milk? I am bitter- very, very, bitter.

Milk, does a body bad.


Mischa's mom said...

Mischa! You look beautiful!

Like the tv - Lily seems to like it as well . . .

Mischa's mom said...

ummmm . . . maybe you should consult a dietician before you suddenly remove milk from your diet - you are drinking skim milk - right?

Aunty Diane said...

I will secretly sneak you milk if you want. I wont tell a soul I swear! Hee Hee! I feel bad for you cause I know how much you crave that sweat creamy milk mmmmmmmmmm.