Monday, May 4, 2009

33 weeks pregnant

Monday May 4th,

Well the wrapping paper has been recycled, the dishes washed (not by me), and the baby shower is over.
Diane did an awesome job and she couldn't go wrong with the holy trinity- carrot cake, pina colada, and Morton potato salad.
We had a nice mix of useful gifts we asked for, super cute gifts, and gifts we didn't know we needed but I am really really glad someone was smart enough to buy for us.

Our favorite thing was that Diane had everyone bring an inscribed book for Junebug instead of a card. What amazing hopes and dreams will be passed on from our loved ones to our little one.


Aunty Diane said...

All for my bestest friends in the whole wide world!! I love you two and I am glad you enjoyed yourselves, and I am also happy that the baby likes my potato salad cause you know that wont be the last time I feed it to him/her!

Mischa's mom said...

Oh! I love the diaper cake and the popcorn ball! Sorry, I took so long to respond - but it's the end of term - you know, grading papers, submitting final grades, etc.
Sorry our package didn't arrive in time . . . but it has some nice stuff in it.
BTW - Happy Mother-to-Be Day!