Sunday, April 5, 2009

29 weeks pregnant

Thanks to all who got our April fools joke. A lot of time and photoshopping was involved. For reasons why we are happy we are only having 1 baby see breastfeeding nightmare pictures below.

Sunday April 4th,
Well technically I am 28 weeks for 3 more hours but for the sake of a 29 weeks belly pic I'll start today. So what has been happening lately you are wondering. Well you probably know by now that yes we are only having 1 baby.
Adam has picked out his first pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses and we are wating for them to arrive. On Saturday we did an impossible search for roll up blinds or Roman shades for the bedroom windows. Apparently our windows are too wide to fit normal sizing- I guess I am making curtains! The day wasn't a complete wash out- Adam picked out paint colours for the living room and kitchen. I picked out the other colours in the house and Adam picked out some great ones. You can see the living room colour in the belly pic below although it looks a little lighter in the picture than in real life. I installed 3 new lighting fixtures for kitchen, bathroom, and nursery. I LOVE how bright the bathroom is now (before it looked like it had mood lighting) is my bathroom dirty! It is amazing what is coming to light.

Today Adam kicked me out of the house for the day due to last week's reaction to the paint fumes and sent me to Kristin's to be babysat while he painted. The hilight of of the day was the goat run at Beacon hill park. When I came home-PRESTO the house was painted! Kudos to Adam who worked for 8 hours painting.

Collecting goats

Just hop into my purse my pretty

The damn goat figured out how to chew its way out
Breastfeeding Nightmare #1

Breastfeeding Nightmare #2

Rise up goats and attack!

Junebug- Well Junebug seems to be ok. «the room in there is getting a lot smaller as the baby gets bigger.This means there isn`t as much kicks but more over all movement. According to one book we read the baby`s foot is as long as my thumb which isn`t too big but you try having 1 1/2 inches pushing at your rib. Hiccups seem to be the deal right now as Junebug is readying the lungs for breathing.

Me- The recession is starting to be felt close to home as another close co-worker is laid off. I see this trend as continuing. I feel guilty worrying about the extra work load I will be taking on when I think about those without jobs. On the health front all is well, my energy is returing. I have a super fun new prego symptom! My swollen feet (which you have heard me whine about before) have turned into some space aged super memory foam. When you press my swollen foot a big 'ole indent remains for several minutes. The photo below does not begin to capture the hours of fun poking my feet. This new form of entertainment is called pitting edema.


sandra/mom/grandma said...

You're looking good Mischa. Must be that pregnancy glow!

Adam, good painting job! I am very impressed. You're turning into a real handyman! Soon to be a handydad!

Diane said...

Mischa You are looking absolutly beautiful! Even your cute piggy feet. And yes they are swollen to the point of you and I laughing so hard we are in tears! I love them! You have definetly made the basement look a hell of alot better with the painting, good job Adam!

Mischa's mom said...

OMG . . . do you put your feet up when they are so swollen? BTW - you hiccupped all the time when I was pregnant with you, Mischa.

I love the goat pictures.