Sunday, April 12, 2009

30 weeks pregnant!

The big 3-oh! In 4 weeks I go on leave, in 6 weeks the baby is to term, 10 weeks full-term, 12 weeks maximum date the baby would be born.

Happy Easter!

This has been a busy weekend. We built our first piece of furniture (minus the bins which are curtosy of ikea. 200 screws, 39 cuts of wood,8 hours, a gazillon math equations, and Zero plans we built our shelving unit from 2 pieces of melamine. It goes to show if you put your mind to it you can figure anything out.

Adam's eyeglasses arrived, Here is my handsome devil:

The trees are in bloom although a little late this year, here is our street":


sandra/mom/grandma said...

WOW!!! Great job on the cabinet.

Nice glasses Adam! They look very good on you. Opens up a whole new world, eh!

Spring is here too. No flowers but the snow is mostly gone revealing lovely brown grass!

Diane said...

You two do an awsome job on the storage unit!!!! Absolutly fantastic! I am here to say that this was a huge project that these two took on! Bravo!

Wade said...

Those glasses look just like my old pair! I thought it was supposed to be the younger sibling who mimicked the older's dress and not the converse... Oh, and since when have you been wearing glasses, Adam?

Good to see that you can enjoy good hanami in Canada as well. The season here is finished, but it was a nice week of intense pink everywhere you went.

Mischa's mom said...

Adam - the specs are very attractive on you! Thanks for painting the suite - and for having the good sense to send Mischa away for the day.

I am VERY impressed with the shelving unit - well done!

BTW - Happy Easter! . . . did you get any chocolate?