Monday, February 23, 2009

23 weeks pregnant!

Monday February 23rd,

? lbs gained- too scared to look

Saturday February 28th,

Sorry no blogging this week but not too much going on everything really happened in the last day. Diane has started to talk about organizing the shower in May and I have decided to leave it up to her. We bought a new (used) really comfortable couch and rocker recliner this week cheap, cheap, cheap. and gave our too low (for pregnancy and baby) sectional away in hopes of good karma to a couple just starting out that loved it. Today we painted the nursery and with Adam cutting in and me rolling behind him we had it done in an hour. The room is bright and I am a little jealous because the rest of the house looks dark and dingy now. I've got a cough so I am going to go lie down now as it has been a busy day. Here is our day in photos:

who's the bitch?

Sunday March 1st,

Ugh, sick, pregnancy not glamorous. Coughed too hard- peed. Ugh


Mischa's mom said...

nice little bump!

Laurie&Bryn said...

Love the color of the nursery it looks really bright and inviting- Excellent choice.

P.S- I love seeing Callum being Lily's "Bitch". It made me laugh

sandra/mom/grandma said...

The nursery looks great! Adam you probably don't remember it but the rocking chair in your nursery is the same as the one I had on the farm. Got it when you were born. I wonder where it is now.

The new couch and chair look very nice...........I think I've seen them somewhere before! lol

Someday...when Lily isn't looking Callum will get his revenge!

Aunty Diane said...

Ha, get him Lily! Callum is so cute! The nursery looks super good you two did a realy good job! Love, love, love it!