Monday, February 16, 2009

22 weeks pregnant

Monday February 16th,
22weeks 15lbs gained (the super weight gain was water and the tide has receeded)

Lily Enjoying the beach once again after her surgery in Parksville

Secret gnome hand signal

Please excuse the childish drawings but drawing on the computer is tough. Here is the Nursery Plans . Really not too much to do- Paint frames, shelves and walls, buy curtains and blinds, recover cork boards and chair cushion.

The 2 squares are fabric covered cork boards to put Junebugs art etc which will bring colour to the wall. The curtain covers the closet as bi-fold doors pinch little and big fingers.

The storage unit is being built by Jean and Sandy and will have pull-out bins for clothes, diapers and the big bins for toys.

Girl Version

Boy version

Tuesday February 17th,

Today Adam and I went to the midwife's. All is well, the results from the fetal anomaly scan (aka big ultrasound) shows no abnormalities. Junebugs heartbeat is 155 BPM and is very active (the midwife says he/she has additude) My (in my mind) enormous belly is measuring only 1 week ahead which is well in the normal range. My blood pressure is actually getting better as pregnancy continues which is great news and PCOS fears of Gestational Diabetis will soon be releived when I have the standard glucose challenge test.
Today we registered for our Birthing Class and and Baby Care class. Guess what who knew classes would be full 3 months in advance. I finally found classes but not after a panic attack.
Other than that not much to report.

Friday February 20th,
Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. I woke up at 5am with excrutiating pain in my back that wrapped around my sides -so much that I felt sick to my stomach. Tylenol, massage and heat did not help at all and at 7am I called the midwife in tears. We made arrangements to meet at the hospital but within the next hour the symptoms totally went away. The midwife came to my house to check on me and the baby is fine. Thank goodness she came to the house as I would have been admited to the hospital for observation for no reason had I gone. She suspects it may have been a gallbladder attack. Prior to her care I passed a gall-stone but had totally forgotten about it. (placenta-brain) It all makes sense now and will need to keep a rein on my diet and see my GP next attack.
Thank goodness these are only scares- I like to think that they keep us on our toes reminding us that we still have an important job to do when we get a little lax compared to the first trimester. (...maybe that third cupcake was a bad idea ) My midwife just called to let me know the blood work she had done yesterday shows moderate anemia which I hear is very common around now. So supplements it is! I feel like I have a lot of pills going on right now.
- 1 Prenatal
-1 Folic Acid
- 7 DHA chews
-Calcium and Magnesium liquid
-TUMS so, so many TUMS
- and now iron
I would like to state for the records this blog is not about complaining of the aches and pain I am very happy and enjoying pregnancy. I am mearly using the blog as a diary for when the memories fade about the day to day, stuff it is all on paper.
We have lots of plans for the weekend
-The big anual used book sale at which we will get Junebug's books. This sale is incredible. It is in a old 2 story furniture show room and books are 1 or 2 dollars. This year I got smart and am borrowing an old lady grocery cart to throw all my books in as it is hard to carry a box and still look through the book piles.
-get paint samples for the nursery wall.
-Go for swim
-Go to the beach with Lily
- Welcome wagon Baby show Possibly a bad idea -oh well
-clean out 2 closets and junk baskets
-sew some diapers

Saturday February 21st,

Today we grabbed some paint chips for the nursery ands thank god we did. The colours we originaly picked that looked bright and cheery at home depot looked dark and dingy once at home. We will pick a slightly lighter brighter colour that I would have expected. Adam and I installed the latern night light today and it looks awesome, the photos just don`t do it justice. I cannot wait to take a trip to ikea to get the remainder of our stuff. I am waiting on the fabric which I will get there so that the rest can get done.

Sunday February 22nd,

3am- Can't sleep. My tummy and back have been hurting (mildly I might add so don't worry) for the last 2 hours so I have gotten up and decided to be productive. I've just posted 2 ads on the Victoria freecycle group looking for picture frames to use in the nursery and a outdoor bench that swings so that we can enjoy the summer when the baby is born. Freecycle is pretty amazing. I post wanted ads pretty sparingly on Freecyle but people have always come through. One man's trash is another's treasure.

I have just seen the errors of my ways. I am changing the "cheap labour" section of the Junebug Registry as some of the stuff need to be done before the baby is born and seeings how Adam and I can't look at the comments there is no way for us to know if someone has offered. So if you have offered please email us- details are in the registry.

Later this morning we will try the book sale again. Yesterday the line up went all around the block so we opted to wait for Sunday. We went for a drive to Duncan instead to explore what exactly a Super Centre Walmart is seeings how they have been in the process of building one in Victoria since we moved here.

From what I gather from my brief visit it is
a) a much bigger lay out (more tiring to walk)
b) has the same old crap (WHAT! peanutbutter is 3.95$ How many can we fit in the car!)
c)Has meat and fresh produce of questionable origin (Does any body know what type of "meat" is in the 0.98$ per 100grm Montreal smoked meat at the deli? We bought $5 worth.... why does my tummy hurt?)
d) totally not worth driving 1hr+ to save a couple bucks in return for going against my beliefs (Going to the one down the road- sadly that is a different matter)

I am thinking I better try sleep again so that I have the strenth to fight off the grannies at the book sale. goodnight/morning


mom/sandra/grandma said...

Hey Adam, where was this gnome and why did you go there?

It's good to see Lily enjoying herself again. Tell her she can now enjoy fulfilling relationships without the fear of getting pregnant!

155 beats per minute....sound like a girl!:)

Mischa's mom said...

OMGosh, Mischa - of course you were upset! It sounds like you are in very good hands, however. No doubt lil' Junebug appreciates all the supplements!

Regarding belly size - this week I saw the belly picture of the woman who had octuplets. OMG! I don't understand why she didn't tip forward . . .

I love the sketches of the nursery - I think you did a fine job; they are actually very artistic and suitable for framing. ^_^

Let me know the titles of the books you buy . . . I am not likely to supply Junebug with lots of sports equipment, but you can count on me to buy books!

Meanwhile, hello Adam - sometimes Dads are the forgotten partners. I am sure you were just as concerned as Mischa. Hang in there, Adam. Mischa and Lil' Junebug need your support. ^_^

sandra/mom/grandma said...

I am sorry to hear about your scare today Mischa, but glad you and baby are okay.

I was in Toys R Us today and can't believe all the wonderful gadgets they have come up with since I had my babies. Bought one little thing (couldn't resist because of it's particular reference to something). Will bring when we come in July.

And Adam, I know you were able to relate to Mischa's pain this morning. Remember that pain when she is in labor and you will have some idea of what she is going through. Only four more months........Yay!!!:)

Aunty Diane said...

Cant wait to start the birthing classes with you two!!!! Get ready to tag team there Adam!! Mischa I am so honored to be apart of the birth of your first born baby. I love you two sooooo much!