Sunday, February 1, 2009

20 weeks pregnant!

Half way there!
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20 week belly, 11lbs gained:

Adam's post.

I've recently found out that a baby takes nutrients from it's mother for it's needs, and the host is left to recoup what is lost. Mischa's mental capacities (ie: memory, short term thought) is suffering, and from what I have learned from my many, many hours watching movies, that we have a hungry baby. Not just a hungry baby, but probably a Zombie baby, as all it obviously wants to eat brains. That would explain some of the bizarre behaviours I have noticed over these past weeks. Now I am not an "anti-Zombie baby" person, but the opposite, and would welcome the addition of a new life that would save us both money and resources for feeding. My only worry is that we will not have enough guests visit us in the first year...

PS Our home is welcome to everyone who would like to visit (Wade, you and your gigantic brain are always welcome).

Wednesday Feb 4th
Lily was spade today and got her first tattoo - she is such hippy and got a peace sign tattoo on her ear and is high on the couch as we speak.

I spent tonight making my first pair of all in one diapers. They aren't perfect but they turned out well for a first attempt I think. The finishing velcro was tough as the fabric was so thick by then.

Thursday Feb 6th

Baby Registry Update I found a cheaper swing than the one I listed and have added it to registry.

I thought for your viewing pleasure I would allow you to see my elephant foot. Go ahead laugh, I'm saving the stretch marks for later!


Mischa's mom said...

I wouldn't worry too much about lil' Junebug eating away at Mischa's brains - the woman is so clever, she has brains to spare!

Now, as you know, David and Miki, and Roland (the boyfriend) and I plan to trek across the continent in July to visit you happy new parents. So you will have some company ^_^

Also, when I was pregnant, I was told I should gain about 40 pounds to ensure a healthy baby. Poor Mischa has only gained 11 pounds. Unless the doctors and midwives have changed their opinion on this, you need to feed that girl more, Adam!

Mischa said...

The new guidelines are 25-35 lbs for healthy weight person.

As my BMI is on the higher end of healthy weight I am to gain closer to 25lbs than 35lbs.

I have gained 11lbs and am expected to gain 1lb-2lbs a week for the next 16 weeks. This brings us to a very bare minimum of 27lbs by week 36. During the last 4 weeks often you lose couple lbs or don't gain so they don't really count.

If I surpass my ideal weight gain I will have a higher risk of Gestational Diabetis and Pre-emclampsia, both of which the PCOS makes me more succeptable to.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would do your research Mischa! Anything more than what is allowed for baby weight, breasts, placenta and amniotic fluid is just extra fat, and not healthy.
You should notice your most weight gain in your third trimester as that is when baby is putting on it's own weight.

Zombies, gotta love them!
Adam you could probably trick zombie baby by purchasing brains from the local butcher. That should save the relatives!!!!

mom/sandra/grandma said...

Anonymous is me. I clicked the wrong circle :) Mom

Mischa's mom said...

Nice job on the diapers!

Tell Lily we love her tatoo. ^_^

Mischa's Mom said...

. . . wow . . . those are swollen tooties. Does putting your feet up help at all?

Hi Adam . . . are your ankles swollen too? Just wondering 'cause sometimes the daddy takes on some of the symptoms (usually weight gain ^_^)

How is Lily doing? Did you get her a tie-dye shirt to go with her new tatoo?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sandymom, we are trying to watch the diet of us both. Thank you for the post.


Aunty Diane said...

Misha I have deffinetly noticed the eating of the brains but I have always called it baby brain not zombie baby. Although you never know.......