Tuesday, February 10, 2009

21 weeks pregnant

My new dress Adam picked out. Adam doesn' always have the same taste as me so this was a nice pick :o)
PS thanks for the dress mom!

My weekend was busy with sewing

I went to the dentist today and let me tell you swollen pregnancy gums are sore. In August after the baby is born I will have 7 teeth (4wisdom and 3 fangs-eyeteeth) removed while I am under. Yay - I have wanted to get rid of my fangs for years not just for looks (although that is part of it)but they often cut my upper lip and are a hassel to clean.

Belly shots to follow (I forgot)

Tuesday January 10th,

Belly pic is now ready to put up. I have either gained 7lbs in a week or I am seriously retaining water. Either way I`m not too excited.


Mischa's Mom said...

Ah! The colour of the dress looks beautiful on you, Mischa. Great choice, Adam!

Looks like you have been very busy making the diapers - they sure are cute!

mom/sandra/grandma said...

Very nice dress Adam, you did good!

I love all the colors of the diapers. Are they very difficult to make?

Any big plans for Valentine's Day?

Love ya.

Mischa said...

The Diapers are super easy to make (I can make them).
Adam and I are going up Island for Valentine`s day and the weekend.

Courtney said...

Mischa, you look fantastic!! I can't believe you are so far along already!! I am so happy for the 2 of you!

Adam, good job on the dress!

Love you!!


Bryn&Laurie said...

Mischa you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and that color makes Junebug look wonderful=) Glad to hear you are all doing so well.
Miss you and love you


PS- The Diapers are so adorable and nice choice on the colors