Saturday, October 17, 2009

18 weeks old!

Well fall is upon us and we are gearing up.

Today we hit a super sale and bought Colben a wool and fleece one piece overall jacket for fall and warmer days and a one piece snowsuit for winter walks and our trip to Calgary. We realize the snowsuit might not be used a ton but we bought it a neutral colour for future kiddies. Here our some pics of our warm cutie and his new outfits.

On another note guess what? We didn't invent Colben's name! While looking through a list of Norwegian of boys names there lo and behold is Kolbein! So I guess we were true to his ancestry.

The word is out Auntie Diane and Uncle Jeff are having a boy. He will be born only 9 months apart from Colben and will either be best buddies or arch enemies!


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Kolbien, I googled it to find out what it means, but unfortunately every site was in Norwegian (I think!). Anybody able to translate?

Love the new duds Colben, you are one stylish baby!

Love from Grandma

Colben's Nana, Mischa's mom, and Adam's #1 fan said...

Colben, you just get better looking everyday! Nana has ordered your rose, "Hot Cocoa" but it won't arrive until the first week in May. It will be very small, but I ordered it from the best rose company in the USA - so it will be small and mighty - just like you. And just like you, it will grow big and strong. ^_^