Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 weeks old!

Sunday July 12th,
One month, Colben will soon be one month. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Colben still looks much the same size due to the lack of weight gain but he when he is awake he is much more alert. His eyes respond when you are talking to him especially Adam's voice. We are now settling into a routine that is a bit more comfortable. I figured out if we feed Colben every 2 hours instead of 2.5 it made things a lot less complicated because it matched my 2 hour pumping schedule. This means the feedings are shorter but he still gets the same amount daily.
Our evenings are the following
7:30 Adam takes Colben and Lily for a walk,
8pm I pump then head to bed
Adam returns and feeds Colben
Adam gives Colben a bath
12:00am Adam feeds Colben then wakes me up to pump and start me shift and he goes to bed
12am-to 7am I feed and pump with sleep in between pumping and feeding every 2 hours
7 am Adam is up (or at work) and I eat

My supply is getting better with all of the pumping - I can now feed Colben with breastmilk every 2nd feeding plus 1oz of milk during the formula feeds.

It is hard to get out with the 2 hour schedule but later today we will try to take the pump on the road.

Monday July 13th,
Colben is 7lbs 14oz !!!!

Friday July 17th,
We finaly got our birth announcements designed and ordered so expect yours soon. We should be picking them up at the printer next week so they should arive in a couple weeks.
Finally some pics


no neck

Grandma Still , Adam and Colben

Colben is spoiled

Angry Colben


Mischa's Mom, Colben's Nana, Adams #1 fan said...

You are such good parents! What a team! Little Colben is soooo lucky.

Just make sure you get enough sleep, Mischa. Give Colben a kiss from Grandpa and Nana.

Adam - are you getting enough sleep?

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Back home safe and sound in Calgary.

I miss my little Colben. So glad to hear that you have gained weight. Grandma was thrilled that she could hold you and feed you when you were so new!
And we also had our first shopping trip together!! Too bad you slept through it all! Don't worry, there will be more.

Thank you Adam and Mischa for putting us up for the week. It was a great visit!

Can't wait until Christmas. All my boys home and my grandson too!

Love Mom (Grandma)

sandra/mom/grandma said...

7lbs 14 ozs!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Colben! Grandma is very proud of you, and your Mommy and Daddy!

Hugs and Kisses to all!

Love You.