Monday, May 25, 2009

36 weeks pregnant!

Monday May 25th,
Well 24 recipes (aprox 50-60 meals),2 minor burns and zero cuts later we are done the cook off. Adam was a pro assistant taking battle orders like I never could without decking someone.
Lessons learned:
-Yes you can have too much shredded meats and southwestern food
-No matter how hot it is in the kitchen frying in a bikini top is a poor, poor idea.
-Pancakes cook fast, really fast
- food processors are the best applicance EVER!
-If you come and go from the house smelling like meat and don't aknowlege Lily, she will remember and will make you pay.
Kudos to the people upstairs for letting us have a freezer shelf and letting us take over the kitchen.

Tuesday May 26th,
I woke up last night with a sore throat so I am sitting on my butt watching baby shows on TLC. 6 more sleeps till we are to term (37 weeks)- meaning we are safe for a homebirth! Stay inside Junebug until Monday.

Friday May 29th,
3 more sleeps until in the clear. Today I bought some of the home birth medical supplies and tomorrow we are buying our birthing pool. We are splurging on a 20$ special from Canadian Tire :o) instead of the 150$ official birthing pool. All we are losing is the handles for the 2nd stage of labour for pushing. Our Doula prenal class instructor says that she has never actually seen a woman want to push in the pool but it is very valuable for natural birth during the transition period when contractions are the most intense. Knowing this I won't rule out anywhere for pushing but the toilet has been mentioned many times as a great place to push (until the very end of course)

Tomorrow we will finish up our just in case hospital bags and will blow up the pool to check it out for water depth.

Saturday May 30th,
GRRR pool I bought today is not 21" deep as advertised - more like 17" on a good day once we tested it- we will need to return it.

Sunday May 31st,
YAY strangers to the rescue. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers. A lady is lending us her fancy professional birthing pool that she never used as she had a c-section before she could use it. We will return the fishey pool from Crappy Tire. We are picking it up tonight and I'll take a picture once we blow it up!

Also more pics to come of today`s great adventure- Diane did our belly cast today and it turned out amazing. Next I need to let it completely dry a few days, I will cut the edges, replaster to smooth it out, sand it, then paint and varnish. It will be a good early labour project for me!

As for me I have not been sleeping more than an hour at a time and last night I got only a couple hours in total which has left me switching between delusional, delerium (in a good way), exhaustion,weepiness and general bitchness. Can't wait to get sleep when the baby comes- LOL!

...Well here is the belly caste. Adam's hand is the lower one, mine is the upper. It was really hard (and painful) to stay still for over an hour standing but it was worth it.

Adam practicing using the o'shit.... I mean pushing handles in the birthing pool

I could totally handle a pool perminantly in the kitchen


sandra/mom/grandma said...

Whoa, did you have access to the tip of the week for week 36 before the rest of us!
So stocking the freezer was a good idea!
Great, so Adam can spend more time with Junebug as well (and cook when you need to)!

Mischa & Adam said...

Adam and I laughed about the tip of the week last night.
Adam is a little sad that he won't be cooking as much but it will make at big difference on his "late shift" weeks.

Mischa's mom said...

I want you to know that you are scaring the bejeezus out of your father, Mischa. Personally, I think the idea of homebirth (with birthing pool) is terrific. But Mischa, your poor father, the professional worrywart, who invented the need for the term "overprotective." is beside himself with worry.

He wants me to advise you to have the baby in the hospital. Okay. Now that's done. He means well ^_^

Meanwhile, I have been stalking the baby sections of stores, slapping my wrists to prevent myself buying all those cute clothes for babies until we know Junebug's gender. There are such cute things . . .

Imagine - only three weeks to go ^_^ !

Now, really - I am sure the midwife, etc. has probably advised you to conserve some of your energy. ^_^

Adam, take care of my girl . . . she's not afraid of hard work (obviously, after making all that food) - but she really needs to pace herself.

Gosh! I am really getting excited now!

Mischa & Adam said...

Please let dad know that he is more than welcome to have an opinion when he births Junebug himself. Until then comments such as that are not helpful nor do change what has been planned for the better part of a year.

The only hospital in the Capital Region which you can birth at (VGH) officially has the higest c-section rate IN CANADA! 40% for the last 2 years. There are way more complications with a major sugery than there is with an uncomplicated natural birth at home.
In the UK all uncomplicated births are attended by midwives. OBs are for surgery, consultation and high risk pregnancies.

There are very strict guidelines on what is permited for a home birth. If Dad would like to educate himself he can go to the BC College of midwives website or even the BC Ministry of Health website as they are the ones paying for it.

Please let dad know that our midwifes have been prscticing for over 30 years each and They are chaiperson and vicechair person of the midwivery department at VGH.

I would think it would be in their interest to insure that all safety and care is taken due to their prominant role in the media. Luba was also the president of the BC college of Midwives for seversl years

Mischa's mom said...

Relax . . . I totally support what you are doing. And your dad loves you very, very much . . . I think he worries as a hobby, and nothing you or I can do is likely to change him. I never expected even for an instant that you would change anything! Gosh, a home birth is what I wanted!

I love the birthing pool - is that cool, or what? You see? the gods want you to have Junebug at home ^_^

Adam, please let Mischa know that she needn't take her dad's concerns personally. We know you are both going to make fabulous parents...^_^