Saturday, August 22, 2009

9 weeks old!

what was printed on the onesies fior the baby reunion

The group at Babystock our prenatal class reunion
Grampa Thorhaug looking cool as always

Colben and his babystock threesome

Adam at our secret beach

The family

Grampa Thorhaug and his Siberian Husky (aka bear bait)

The rocking house Adam grew up with given new life by Grampa

Grandpa Thorhaugs Heirloom gift of amish baby chair which is a childs desk, a rocking horse and a high chair

Colbens budy upstairs Ethan

Sorry this is a week late- it has been a busy week.

1 comment:

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a fun, busy week!

Mischa your face does look different with the extra teeth gone. Resulting in an even prettier you!

Grandpa Thorhaug did good. I love the way he refinished the old rocking horse. It is 29 years old!

Colben your dad spent a lot of hours rocking on that very horse. He would rock so fast that he would tip himself backwards onto the floor! Then he would set it back up and do it again!!!
I see grandpa has put bigger legs on it so you can't tip it. But that's okay, you can still have lots of fun rocking away!

Love, Grandma