Monday, August 10, 2009

8 weeks old!

This has been a week of firsts:
Colben's first night sleeping in his room (in his crib instead of the swing, baby carriage, daddy's chest, mommy's arms)
Mom and Dad's first night sleeping in the bed (AT THE SAME TIME!)
The first time we have moved up in clothing size- (packing was sad)
The first time we used our cloth diapers (swearing to only use disposables when out)
The first time Colben had a cloth diaper poo blow out (all over Ethan)
The first time I took Colben out in cloth despite pledging allegance to disposable (it was fine)
First interaction with another baby (was he flirting with a boy?)
The first stroller free trip (the baby bjorn worked like a charm and I ran over a lot less toes)
The first time I put Colben in his bed still awake and he fell asleep (our room is pretty boring
The first time I gave drugs to Colben (I am on T3's and he gets it through my milk. It makes him veeerry sleepy which actually explains most of the stuff above)

Colben's new dipes

Bruised, swollen, high on T3's : minus 7 teeth not a pretty thing

Secret Nana move

Colben terrified at mama's cold pack for teeth

Quilt from the Wandells

Quilt Great Grandma Wandell made

Nana and Colben

Mikael and Roland

Miki and Colben

My little man

Grandpa David changing the diaper like a good man

Grandpa and Colben

Eating is tough, even tougher remembering doing this after surgery

Baby outfit GreatGrandma Wandell knit for me (Mischa) when I was a baby- the tradition lives

Wednesday Aug 12th,
Colben weighs 11lbs 6oz (last week 10lbs 12oz)

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sandra/mom/grandma said...

How are you doing Mischa. Sorry I didn't call when you had your surgery. I was in the midst of painting and moving! I bet you are glad it is over! Let's see a nice big smile now!;)

Colben sure looks like he is growing. What big beautiful eyes he has!

We are all settled in our new house. Even Pixie has settled in nicely. Will party it up and break it in at Christmas!

Love to All