Sunday, April 11, 2010

43 weeks old! (10 months)

Colben has been pulling up the last couple of weeks and is cruising around. He has now taken to pulling up without furniture against the wall- YIKES! I think Colben is going to learn a lot from the little boy who is coming to daycare. He is 1 month older than Colben and already saying words like duck, dog, ball. Yowza!

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Nana said...

Got the itinerary! We are really looking forward to you coming! Once the term is over (May 17) I can start baby proofing the house.

BTW, Mischa, you didn't say too much at 10 months old - but when you were 13 months old, you were talking in complete sentences!

Colben will be talking soon enough ^_^ It's the early walking I would be more concerned about. YIKES - two babies up and walking . . . you are a brave woman ^_^

Adam - be kind to Mischa, her days are going to be very busy!

Colben's Nana, Mischa's mom, Adam's #1 fan