Saturday, March 13, 2010

39 weeks old!

I know Colben's B-day is not for a while but I can tell you a music set (maracas, rhythm sticks, tamborine etc.) would be greatly loved by him. I just bought a bag of toys that had a cheap tamborine and he is thrilled. Just a thought

I was informed I was given the wrong weight he was 8'11

Well yesterday we started our trip with a miserable baby despite the fact we bought a portable dvd player and pluged him in to the most hated show in baby history- Baby Einstein. While waiting for our ferry to imbark Colben took a big bite on my middle finger saying in baby terms f-you I just cut a tooth an hour ago! Yes that is right, our late bloomer finally has a tooth bud.
We arrived at Maya's beautiful new home but the bad behaviour didn't end. Colben woke up and Lily needed out in the morning. Thats fine and dandy except it wasn't morning there was so much light pollution from the city that we thought it was morning- really it was 2am. Now this is something I never even considered when I lived in Vancouver but after living at our place with no street lamps no extra light for 2 years, dark means dark to us. So 2 hours later- dog walked, baby fed, played, sleeping, finally it was time for mama to try to sleep. Colben was right up at his usual 7am as if nothing happened.

His tooth bud looks really gross now and I think there may be another on its way- yuck.

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