Tuesday, February 23, 2010

36 weeks old!

The baby will soon be here! I am thinking Feb 28th for the record. Colben has learned to sit himself up from lying down, I couldn't beleive it the first time I went to his crib and he was sitting up. Colben has had his first full blown cold along with missile snot and hoarking cough. Poor guy!
Our knew vacuum bit the dust so we are going to trade it in today. This weekend we did a big spring clean in anticipation of my first daycare interview this week. Look great if you squint and don't look at the carpet :o|


Nana said...

Poor little guy . . . and poor mummy and daddy! I do hope everyone is well soon.

Congrats on learning to sit on your own, Colben!

Love Nana

Colben's Nana, Mischa's mum, Adam's #1 fan!

sandra/mom/grandma said...

Poor baby,it's no fun being sick, but you will come out of this with a better immune system. Grandma promises!

Looking very blond Colben. Will you stay fair?! Your daddy used to be blond too. And just as cute as you too (he's still cute!......pardon me, handsome!);)