Wednesday, December 16, 2009

26 weeks old!

Sorry about the delay. The household has tummy trouble.
Colben got his 6 month vaccine yesterday and today he is getting his flu shots. Poor guy! I've been stressing about Christmas and travelling but we will soon be in Calgary.

Colben took his shots like a man today!!! What a good boy. After we decided to finish our Christmas shopping (ALMOST DONE!) and he was such a good boy.
He is weighing around 20lbs and is 27.75 inches head is 17 inches- he is huge

Mama had a visit with the doctor too and is going to start metformin for my PCOS related insulin resistance. The Dr say it might make me a little sick for the first bit but maybe it will keep me from eating a plate of mincemeat tarts....mmmmmm mincemeat tarts.....

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Nana said...

Good for Colben! You were always very good when you received your vacinations, Mischa.

Watch out for those mincetarts! You have only 15 lbs to go (I won't tell you how much weight I have to lose). Let's limit ourselves to one mincetart a day!

Colben's Nana, Mischa's Mom, Adam's #1 fan