Tuesday, September 15, 2009

13 weeks old! (3 months?)

Today has been monumental!!!!!
After 2 days sleep training, Colben has stretched his 3 x 45minute naps to 3 x 1.5hours. Hallelujah! I can actually make myself lunch, have a shower, do dishes all on the SAME day!!!!!!!!!!

I read a book called the baby whisperer (stupid title) but Colben and I haven`t been really ready for a schedule before 3 months. Colben is crying now at exactly the 1.5hour mark- time to get him...... amazing

Friday Sept 18th,

I had always imagined I would be my son's #1 cheerleader in whatever he chooses to partake in. What I didn't know is I would be shouting "Come'on, you can do it- PUSH THAT POOP OUT!" Colben hasn't pooped in days and is constipated. The doctor says give it a couple more days before intervention but I feel Colben's frustration as he grunts and strains only give mama an empty diaper. "Go Colben, Go!" Pray for poo

Update: He poops, he scores! Good job Colben

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sandra/mom/grandma said...



When your daddy was about eight months old the ladies at art club let him suck all the juice out of a couple of dill pickles and he got soooooooo constipated I had to take him to the doctor. We were very relieved when he finally pooped too!

Love Grandma